Monday, July 18, 2011

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The joy of living in Chicago is that throughout the entire summer there's a street festival happening every weekend. Unlike any other place I've ever lived, the street festival scene is a huge part of Chicago summers and is a place to celebrate the amazing weather with everyone else in city.  As you can imagine its basically one huge block party with the classic cover band that makes its round to every fest on the calendar, an unlimited amount of over priced beers, street food worthy of forgetting about your diet and overall a good time.  

However, the hot weather can be hard to plan for - especially if humidity is involved.  Street festivals is a day long event where you have to plan for port-o-pottys, crowds and potential pick-pocketers so dressing for a festival requires some guidelines. Last Saturday, Matt and I met some friends at the Taste of River North street festival and knowing that it was going to be an extremely hot day with lots of humidity I had to dress appropriately.

SN200768 SN200771

So I have a set of dos and don'ts I keep in mind when dressing for a street fest:
  • DO wear light weight clothes (a dress with pockets is ideal), but DON'T wear gray.  If you're a sweaty hot mess in the summer refrain from wearing a color that will show all your sweat marks.
  • DO wear a cross body bag to make sure your belongings are secure throughout the whole day.
  • DON'T wear a romper!  Remember port-a-pottys are bad enough as it is, you're going to make yourself miserable by stripping down in one of them.  That puts you more at risk of dropping something in the black hole.
  • DO wear your sunglasses.  This is especially key if you're a people watcher (street fests are the best place to observe), shades are the best way to be discreet.

Also don't forget that in the hot weather it's always key to keep hydrated and wear sunblock!

|Does your city have a lot of festivals in the summer? What are your outfit rules or guidelines that you set for yourself when spending a day long event at a crowded venue in the sun?|


cynthia said...

I love your do's and don't list. You're right on it! A do for me especially at street festivals, flowy tops to hide all the food I plan on eating. LOL! I love this outfit on you! :)

eek said...

I adore your tank - those hearts are just, well, adorable! I agree with your do's and don'ts; I'm not a huge street festival person anymore - just to darn hot here in Houston. But I do always wear sunglasses because people watching can be done any time!

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Ugh it's been way too hot in Chicago the past few days! Street fests have been 10x better this summer-- lots more local & nationally known bands playing for free and tastier food options (yay food trucks).

Your printed top is super cute, I've been mainly wearing 60s cotton shifts that I belt to define my silhouette a bit more.

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

I don't do a lot of activities in full sun, I am sort of vampire-ish about it. I am fair so I wear hats and sunscreen and try not to look hideous doing it.

Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
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andrea k (blonde bedhead) said...

LOOOVE this outfit! I'm digging the fun colors and amazing shoes. I really have no rules for festivals, except, wear comfy clothes! We need to do lunch sooon!

E said...

Such cute sandals!!

Sandy a la Mode said...

yes! i love summer festivals!! but i just wish the weather wasn't SO hot!! you are soo cute!!

Kristen said...

Great list!
LOVE the hot pink and turquoise shoes together. So cute, summery and yet totally unexpected.
That boxed water is GENIUS. I have not seen that before! I hope it takes off.