Sunday, July 24, 2011

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Back when Matt started out his career in finance as a Financial Adviser his hours were so ridic that we rarely saw each other, so we started dedicating one night out of our weekends to date night. Contrary to what people assume about FAs - you start out broke, work insane hours and rarely ever see your loved ones. The first 2 years that Matt started out as an FA, we NEVER ate dinner together during the weekday. In fact, I would only see him an hour each weekday. Monday through Friday he would leave for work at 7am and would come home after 8:30pm (at the earliest) plus work half day Saturdays. Needless to say we never saw each other, which made date night that much more important. That all started 5 years ago and to this day we still continue this tradition.

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Date nights never have to be extravagant. In fact, as much as I love a good expensive piece of cow with a side of lobster mashed potatoes, I would much prefer something low key and un-expected. Grabbing a snow cone and strolling through the zoo, taking a day trip to Starving Rock to go hiking or Medieval Times - those are great dates. Since this week has been pure chaos, our date night was nice and laid back with a trip to our favorite restaurant, Nana located in Bridgeport.  This part of town is very un-assuming and in fact it's borderline sketchy, but this organic restaurant that serves "frickles" (cornmeal fried homemade pickles), fried quail with duck gravy and an amazing skirt steak with chimichurri, is one of our favorites.

You walk in and it's unlike any restaurant in the city.  It has exposed brick and an open kitchen, it almost feels like you're having dinner in a friend's really nice kitchen.  The food is crazy good (for both dinner and brunch), but my favorite part of the restaurant is that they support local artists by hanging their artwork on the wall.  Lately, they've been featuring paintings by Patrick Skoff who has these incredible canvas paintings that are so vibrant and affordable.  Every time Matt and I eat at Nana's there's always a new painting that we want to take home and we know that if one is missing from the wall the next time we eat there that it's made its way to a good home.

Since Matt is extremely strict with his diet, date nights that involve eating out is his day of indulging.   Because he has more of a sweet tooth than I do, no cheat meal is complete without something to satisfy his craving from Marble Slab Creamery.  In this case, it was the biggest size of birthday cake flavored ice cream covered in oreos, cookie dough and fudge - while I had the smallest size of fro-yo covered in sprinkles...which he eats half of. :)

|Do you and your significant other do date nights? What are your favorite types of things to do together as a couple?|

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Katie said...

Love the shorts :) We try to do date night once a week, never want to give that up!

Tara @ Haute Lunch said...

Love your cute outfit! Also, I definitely need to check out Nana (I always love a good fried pickle). I didn't realize there was a marble slab relatively nearby. The one we used to go to in the burbs went out of business, so I'm glad to hear there is another one we can visit!

thefashionguitar said...

Cute short!

XO Charlotte

Lisa - Archives Vintage said...

we went to nana a few weeks ago....the good was good but the service was awwwwful. i'd give it another chance...but not in a hurry to do so! :/

Healthy and Homemade said...

What a fun date =) We like to keep it casual since my husband is rarely home at night, going to a local place for pizza and beer. Watching a movie at home, going on a walk. Boring married stuff like that =P

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

BF and I totally need to do more date nights. We totally get caught up in work and life and though we're together, we forget to spend time together!

rlutz said...

the hubs and I rarely get to do date nights...but when we do, it is just so nice to spend some quality time with just him. He usually do dinner and a movie. Love those shorts and your hair up...
Fried pickles sounds heavenly!

Lesley said...

My hubby and I love to do outdoorsy stuff together, even if it just means a long walk after dinner during the week. He's a fabulous cook, so sometimes Sunday nights are all about a delicious meal, wine and time to linger together.

BTW-- love that you featured Patrick Skoff! His art hunts are ingenious and inspired art hunts in my hometown of Jacksonville, FL.