Sunday, July 10, 2011

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So here it is - My first official post under the new blog name.  Since I'm still catching up from my Mexication (Mexico + Vacation = Mexication), I'll share with you some of the highlights from our trip.


Catolonia Riviera Maya (our home for 5 days)

The boardwalk along the beach - also where I spotted a woman sunbathing topless...front side forward.

Octopus a man found while snorkeling in the lagoon by our resort.

One of the many pelicans that hung out by the beach.

The beach...ahhhhhh.

Matt's first Long Island at the swim up bar - one of MANY.

The cenote we snorkeled in.  I expected to see fish - I saw none.

Snorkeled twice in the lagoon by our resort.

Knick knacks sold by local vendors.

One of the many tequila sodas I enjoyed.

Lounging at the bar along the beach.

Ziplining and repelling in the jungle.

Overall it was amazing to get some much needed R&R. We had a great time, but we did realize a few things...we still enjoy having access to unlimited booze all week long, but we would much prefer good bottles of vino, one of a kind meals and visiting places with lots of sight seeing. With that said, we've decided that next year we'll put tropical vacations on hold (aside from a Cabo trip for my best friend's wedding) and are now planning for a Eurocation in 2012!


The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Yay on the new blog name! Your photos of the beach are postcard-perfect. It looks like you had a lot of fun relaxing down there. I'm also super jealous of your future Europe plans, I've never been!

Rebecca said...

That looks like fun. I went to a Catalonia resort in the Dominican Republic, and it was nice.

Elena said...

Such fun photos! I love both kinds of vacations (kinda craving a Mexication right now), but yay for Europe! Definitely a good choice :) You'll have to let us know what countries you guys are considering!

Melissa said...

Wow, these are great pictures! It looks like you guys had a GREAT time, I'm so glad! These are wonderful pictures. :)

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eek said...

I love the new name! Sounds like a fabulous vacation! Europe will be great too, although not quite as relaxing ;)

LyddieGal said...

Sounds like a fab vacation - I'm super jealous. That beach looks gorgeous, ziplining sounds like so much fun!

Chic on the Cheap

rlutz said...

Love the new blog...looks awesome!!! You trip looks like you had an amazing time!!

Lindsey N. said...

Love the new blog name!! The Mexication looks like it was super relaxing. I'm glad you had a good time!

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Kristen said...

Love the new blog name.

Those pictures are really spectacular. They're the quality of a resort brochure more than the usual vacation photos. I'm really impressed.

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Welcome to your new(old) blog! Love the new title!

Aw, swim-up bars ... evil drunk-in-too-much-water-why-is-it-always-happy-hour going-to-get-terribly-sunburned-without-knowing goodness. :o)

Fauxshionable said...

You two are so cute together! Looks like you had a wonderful trip. Welcome back!