Wednesday, August 31, 2011

fash•ion (fash-uh n) | red

Isn't this wall so fun? I love that I live so close to a private arts college because my neighborhood is surrounded by so much street art.





Ironically, and un-planned, I happened to follow in this wall's theme by dressing in all red.  Lately I've been on a mission to find red denim pants for the fall and I think because I've been having a hard time finding a pair that fits me just right, I made up for it by wearing the color from head to toe. 



outfit details | shirt - pou dou dou | shorts & scarf - thrifted | sandals - gap | purse - c/o 1154 lill | bracelet - calypso for target | watch - michael kors

My mission for red denim will continue, but for now I'll milk my shorts until summer's over.

|Are you into colored denim for the fall (or now)? What color are you in search for?|


Della said...

Woah, that wall is so cool! Perfect for bloggers. :)

I'm torn about the red jeans...I really want a pair, but then worry about whether I'll look like a red rhino in them. Debates debates. I think I'll probably end up thinking about them for months.

eek said...

I love you in pink! I haven't really thought about fall yet - trying to live through the +100 degree weather!

Piper Alexander said...

This spot is so cool! I want to do a "photo shoot" over by the PayHalf in my neighborhood. There's a large wall with rotating graffiti art - Art Park 2011 or something like that. Right now it's a Ren & Stimpy theme.

Sabrina said...

Hey T! Old Navy just added red skinny jeggings to their website.... they have them in short, regular, and tall sizes, so those might work for you.... plus if anything that won't break the bank if they don't work.

I too was on the search for right red denim for this fall and was happy when I found the old navy ones.

Love the art and your color coordinated matching :)

Kinsey said...

OMG when you find some let me know, because I'm looking too! I need red skinny jeans ASAP!

Carly said...

CUTE! I love these photos - the outfit is great and the background is perfect!

Jen said...

Artwork is awesome but your pink shorts are my fav!! I'm loving colored bottoms from denim to pants, etc. love that you shared these shorts. Remind me of my J. Crew ones.

Fauxshionable said...

Is this mural the work of Shepard Fairey?? That would rule. Long live summer...but I'm looking forward to wearing my pumpkin orange coat this fall!

Healthy and Homemade said...

Wow you look really thin! I love the all pink =)

Kristen said...

That mural is amazing; thank you for showcasing it for us.

I will second the Old Navy red leggings online; they didn't fit me at all (I figured they probably wouldn't) but they were super-cute and affordable.