Sunday, August 21, 2011

fash•ion (fash-uh n) | suits

A few months ago BRB (Before Re-Brand), I did an an outfit post featuring Matt and got such fun responses that I decided to do it again.  Hopefully he'll let me do it more often, because as much as I'd like to take credit for his style - it's all him.  It was a lot of education and maturing throughout the years, but he's developed an awesome sense of style that compliments mine perfectly - obvi! 

I'm so happy more blogs are surfacing that feature menswear with Plain T-Shirt, The Midwestyle, ChiCityTrends, His & Hers and The Style Social as my new favorites.  Sometimes I think shopping for menswear can be much more fun than women stuff and I absolutely love how guys are able to show their personality with small accessory details like cufflinks, belts, etc. 

|Do you have an interest in seeing more men's outfit posts? Any other male bloggers out there that you can share?|






Sandy said...

I love the patterned tie on top of the slightly patterned shirt. Totally classy, taking a bit of a risk, without going overboard.


ps so great to finally meet you yesterday! Now that it's clear we are neighbors on more fronts than where we live, it's pretty clear we should see more of each other!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

That is a slick outfit on hubby! I wish more men took the time and effort to look good and be on-trend (and smedium Ed Hardy tees don't count). My BF needs to take some notes!

eek said...

He is stylin'! My hubs says he wants to do a 30-for-30 challenge - I think that would be so fun :)

clementine* said...

that vest is awesome! and i'm all about those graph-paper print shirts.

Elise said...

THis tie is fabuloso to the max!!! I love men's dressware so much fun! Every little detail here perfect! The buttons make me smile!!


Plain T-Shirt said...

Thanks so much Tabitha! I'm glad you enjoy.

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Please tell me that the next step is his & her outfit posts?? Hehe. Matt looks sharp here in his suit and a guy who rocks vintage cufflinks is definitely tops in my book.

It's frustrating that there are so few male style bloggers, where are they hiding? Thank you for linking to some blogs I'd never seen/read before.

erin♥ said...

Ah! Matt is so styrish :) Not the guy I quite remember from high school! You two are perfect for each other--and make me want to visit Chicago! Lots of love ♥

erin♥ said...

Ah! Matt is so styrish :) Not quite the guy I remember from high school! You two are absolutely beautiful together--and make me want to visit Chicago! Lots of love ♥

FashionAddict said...

Your sweetie is looking GOOD! Love the pattern mixing.