Monday, August 22, 2011

fit•ness (fit-nis) | pull-ups

Nope not the diapers. Pull-ups as in the activity you dreaded in gym class when you were in grade school.  Friends, meet my worst enemy. So much that I have made it my goal to defeat it. Pull-ups with no weights whatsoever.

Last year Matt bought a pull-up bar for our condo and he makes doing pull-ups look so easy. I can't even do one without having the support of the machine that has weights to lift you up. In fact, a few years ago I couldn't even do that - whenever I used the machine my personal trainer would have to assist me by lifting me up just to make sure I could at least do one. Yeah, talk about fat kid.

So I made a deal with myself. This week, I'm going to work on doing (3) sets of 12 pull-ups with only 40 pounds to lift me up (right now I'm at 60). I'm going to show this pull-up machine who's boss!

|Is there a machine at the gym or exercise you are determine to be better at?  What is your plan to improve?|


Lisa - Archives Vintage said...

you are a rockstar - you can do it!!!!

pjandhubby said...

Ugh - I hated doing pullups. Past tense as in "I don't plan on doing them again". But you rock it, girl! I'm so impressed with your determination!
I'm currently working on my tolerance of pushups and squats (with Jillian Michaels yelling at me on dvd).

Jen said...

You are amazing! Pull ups and weights. My fitness plan is to actually do some fitness :)

Hope you had a great weekend Tabitha!

Rebecca said...

I still am a little afraid of pullups, so I am super impressed!

Plain T-Shirt said...

So much fun to network and talk to fellow bloggers! Love the outfits.

Mel said...

Ugh. I remember when I used to have do that machine when I was working out with a trainer pre-wedding. I hated it. More power to you.

I just need to get back into doing weights at all. It's so hard for me to get motivated to do them on my own. Or I need to do a strength class.

Way to go!