Friday, August 26, 2011

life (lahyf) | the scout

Last Thursday a group of us went to The Scout which was hosting Chicago Magazine's last Stella Artois Music Series. Free Stella, free music and all around the corner from home? I wasn't in any position to say no.


The event drew a lot of people into this new South Loop watering hole beyond those that live in the hood.  Obviously the free Stella probably drew in majority of the crowd, but the acoustic performance by Jeffrey David Goldford was pretty decent.  He's very much a mix of James Morrison and Gavin DeGraw - so needless to say he's easy on the lobes.  The only downfall of the event was that eventually their keg ran dry of Stella and that was a clear sign that it was time to go home.



The Scout just opened a few weeks ago, but luckily since it literally is around the corner from where I live, I had a chance to check it out when my out of town friends and I snuck into their private party during Lollapalooza weekend. The Scout is exactly what my neighborhood needed - a nice(r) bar with lots of TVs, great ambiance and decent food that brings people together. We have a few of them right now, but none of this caliber. Although there are many people that live in my neighborhood, the South Loop is very much still "up and coming". There was a real opportunity to open up a place that catered to those that want to watch the Bears game close to Soldier Field, but without having to sacrifice an entire paycheck.  There was a void and The Scout definitely filled it.  Can't wait to get the boys together to watch some sports in our if only the NBA could get their act together.


|Do you have your own neighborhood watering hole (aka: Cheers) that you frequent?|


pjandhubby said...

You had me at free Stella. I love it that you said "easy on the lobes", hahaha! I've got to look him up though, I think I'd like him. I like to try out new places based on their weekly drink/grub specials ... not one place in particular.

Sandy said...

i really liked this place as well. drinks and snacks sometime soon.

also, i hope the nba reads your blog. i can't live without the bulls.

E said...

We moved a year ago and haven't found an absolute favorite bar, but we're working on it :-)