Monday, September 12, 2011

beau•ty (byoo-ty) | katie from fashion's maven

Inspired by Marie Claire's monthly feature, "What I love about me", this is my new post series called "Beauty". Every week, I'll introduce you to a blogger who has been kind enough to share their story about a feature they love now that once brought insecurities and how they learned to love it. Together, these women will help re-define beauty in their own words and will hopefully help others feel more comfortable in their own skin because each of you are beautiful - you should feel that way everyday!

Meet this week's beauty - Katie from Fashion's Maven.


1) What is your favorite feature that you didn't always love, but have learned to appreciate?
My height. All through elementary and middle school I wasn't just the tallest girl in class, I was the tallest person. It made me self conscious and I worried I was always going to be taller than everyone else. In my mind, it made me stand out and I wanted to blend in.

2) What made you learn to love it?
Once I got to high school, things started to even out more and I wasn't the tallest person anymore. I was still one of the tallest, but 5'8 doesn't stick out as much in high school as it does in middle school. And what's so bad about being tall? Why was I letting it make me self conscious? I started to realize the only person it was a big deal to was me.

3) Any advice for other beautiful women out there who struggle with being comfortable in their own skin?
There aren't many obstacles in life that you can't work around in some way. Throughout school, sometimes I would have to buy clothes a size or 2 too big so they'd be long enough to meet the dress code but my Mom would just take them to get altered so they'd fit right. Once I stopped viewing being tall as a problem, it became easier to be comfortable with it.


Cathy Benavides said...

Katie is one of my favorite bloggers - thanks for featuring her!!

Katie said...

Thanks so much for asking me to be a part of this, Tabitha!

DreamYourStyle said...

hey there..i just subcribed to your blog..hope you subcribe back:) id love to comment u some more

Elaine said...

This is such a fun series!! I can't wait for more!

natasha said...

LOve the outfit, so simple yet chic!Striped shirts r a staple in my wardrobe!