Thursday, September 29, 2011

fash•ion (fash-uh n) | liz week at jcpenney

Right after college Matt worked at JCPenney as an undercover security guard while he was trying to find his career path (for guys it's a little more delayed than girls). While he was working there I had full access to his discount. Sadly, that was years ago (8 to be exact) and at the time they didn't have great partnerships with labels like Liz Clairborne, which exist today. 


A year ago, Liz Claiborne partnered with JCPenney and to celebrate the anniversary, JCPenney is declairing this week as "Liz Week".  As part of the festivities JCPenney asigned 7 bloggers, from cities across the U.S., a different day of the entire week to showcase outfits that can be put together with Liz Claiborne's Fall collection.


Since Fall is the perfect season to embrace layers, I was excited to build an outfit that gave me an opportunity to buy a few key pieces that can be worn individually or all together.  The key to any good Fall outfit is the ability to strip and add layers just in case temperatures vary throughout the day.  I can't think of anything worse than when I'm freezing outside in sub-zero temperatures, but when I go inside it's a sauna in my office. 

To address the un-predictable hot flashes and chills that I experience in the winter, I put together an outfit that could easily be adjusted using three key Liz Claiborne pieces - the Wide Collar Cardigan, Belted Shirt Dress and a sleeveless tie shirt (unavailable online).  I used the sleeveless shirt as the foundation of my outfit and layered the dress over it. Instead of using the belt that came with the dress, I used the tie that came with the shirt to make the pattern stand out more.  I topped my outfit off with the cardigan to keep me warm. With this outfit I can gallivant outside while it's cold and sit comfortably indoors without sweating up a storm.


outfit details | dress, shirt & sweater - c/o jcpenney | boots - nine west | necklace - vintage|

I'm so glad JCPenney asked me to be part of the "Liz Week" celebration and share with you some of the wonderful pieces from their Fall collection.  If you're interested in joining the festivities, JCPenney is hosting a contest, offering discounts and much more.  Click here to find out more about how you can participate in "Liz Week"!


Thank you to JCPenney for providing me with a gift card to explore the latest Liz Claiborne collection and for recruiting me to be a part of the celebration!


laura said...

Tabitha, I really like this outfit you've constructed! The layers makes it ideal for transitional weather!
♥ laura

the blog of worldly delights

Bravoe Runway said...

I love that sweater Tabitha! I have not been to JCPenney in years but the Liz collection is certainly revamped from long ago!

sartoriography said...

You look super cute in this post, and I want to get in that sweater and take a nap. I'd be willing to wait for you to get out of it, but I'd be happy if you stayed, too. I'm not one for snuggling, but that sweater looks worth it. :)

Piper Alexander said...

I love JCP, I do most of my shopping there, which leads me to this question - how do I get them to choose me as a blogger to showcase outfits?! Half my closet is from JCP!

BTW, my Mom worked @ JCP years ago, and I got to use her discount, which is what started this whole love affair. Did you enjoy the trip back? They definitely have stepped up their game in the past few years - MNG, Liz Claiborne, Nicole Miller, etc.

Lisa - Archives Vintage said...

im sorry, i cannot leave you a serious comment after reading emily's, hahahah! can we all take naps in your sweater?

Tiffany said...

I love that sweater!! And in Florida, layers are a must. Of course, we usually have the opposite problem, kind of stuffy and hot outside and freezing cold inside. =)

FashionAddict said...

LOVING that sweater! Perfect texture for fall. :)

Proctor&Cruz Designs said...

what a nice outfit, perfect for the autumn! love the shirt dress!

lovely blog, please check out our blog too if you have a minute :)

Kisses, P&C xx

Frannie Pantz said...

Lovely shirtdress and I love the boots! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!spoct

Jess said...

Sweet! Love the tone on tone with layers and different textures. Looks great!