Wednesday, September 14, 2011

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My choice of adult beverages vary depending on what day of the week it is, what I'm eating and who I'm with, but one thing I can guarantee is that wine is usually in the top 3. In the last 4 years of living in Chicago, I've only been to one wine festival (one that shall remain nameless) and I will say that over years it's definitely gone downhill. So when I heard that the Windy City Wine Festival was happening, I was ecstatic to check it out. From what I had heard the price of entry was reasonable, the selection of wines were great, the pours were friendly and it was overall much better than the "other" wine fest.


Matt and I headed there late Saturday just in time to beat the crowd. The event started at 3pm on Saturday and by the time we got there (which was around 5), each tent had a decent line which was at least 30 people deep. With an entry fee of $27 in advance (or $35 at the door), each person received a souvenir tasting glass, 10 wine tasting tickets, 1 beer tasting ticket and access to free demonstrations, plus much more.



As much as we tried to have a game plan, that backfired.  We reverted to tents with the least amount of people in line. We went from one to another testing out French, Spanish and California reds. All were quite delicious, but my personal favorite was the Cass Siraz and Matt's was the Balbas Riberia del Duero.

100_4163 100_4172


We wandered around Buckingham Fountain checking out the rest of the festival that had great food from restaurants like Markethouse & Sullivan's Steakhouse, as well as other vendors like Jewelmint. All in all we had a great time and it was a nice change from all the other festivals where Miller Lite or Bud Light Lime are your only options.  It's such a cozy and intimate festival with a great crowd of people who truly appreciate their wines.  Will we be back next year?  Absolutely! 

100_4200 100_4197

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outfit details (tabitha) | sweater - gifted | tank - the loft | shorts - ella moss c/o nordstrom rack | boots - nine west | purse - linea pelle | necklace - topshop|
outfit details (matt) | sweater - topshop | jeans - seven for all mankind | shoes - lacoste | watch - hublot|

We enjoyed the rest of or walk home strolling through Grant Park and really appreciating the rest of this great weather before Winter hits.  As we were walking it then occurred to me that we should pick up a bottle of wine (as if 10 tastings weren't enough).  Luckily, some of the wines we tried are available at Whole Foods, making our favorites from the festival accessible.

100_4144 100_4148

|Are you a wine enthusiast? Do you prefer red or white? More importantly any recommendations for wines I should try?|


EvaNadine said...

i normally dont go for jewelry with hearts on it, but your necklace is so adorable! i love how tiny and dainty it is!

Bows and Sequins said...

This festival sounds so cool! I wish I would have known about it. Looks like you had a great time!

sartoriography said...

I'm slowly learning to like alcohol, in which I've had very little interest for most of my life. In the last few years I've become a pretty big fan of wine, especially dry reds. But then, you know all this already, I think. :)

You and Matt are super cute in this post. I love how serious he looks and how stinking adorable you are in your shorts and boots. I'd like to give your tiny self a huge hug!

Lizbeth-Glamstyln' said...

Im not too knowledgeable on wine but girl I want your BAG is super cute and super CHIC !!! following ya

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pearls and green tea said...

This sounds like such a fun event!! I can't wait till I pop this baby out so I can drink some vino again!!


Piper Alexander said...

This looks like a great time, I want to try to make it to next year's! My favorite wines are the ones that are under $10 (I'm cheap!). Some of my faves are Rex Goliath, Mirassou, Manage a Trois and Smoking Loon. <3 your outfit. Your sweater is lovely.

Dale said...

Just found your blog, that is so cool that you went to this event. It looks like a lot of fun and that's exciting they were selling some of the wines at Whole Foods. And I can see why you'll be back next year, it looks really nice.
Following you now :)
I have a fashion blog here in San Francisco

northeastchic said...

Hi Tabitha! Thanks for the visit to my blog, somedays I feel like I have 2.5 readers, so the company is nice;).

As for wine - yummy, but when I find one I like I forget what it was. Perhaps it because I had too much? Who knows.

Anyway love the blog and your super cute style. Consider me your newest fan.

Cheers, Doreen

Tiffany said...

I'm more of a white wine drinker and don't really have a sophisticated palate. A Beringer white zin is enough to make me happy. lol

I love your sweater and boots! Your guy is nearly as good of an outfit poser as you are. =)

Sheena said...

I love that sweater! I've heard really good things about the Windy City Wine Festival and I wish I could have gone, but I don't think I have enough knowledge to really appreciate the experience. It does looks like such a fun time!

Coco Draws said...

Your necklace is so sweet. :)

June Lee said...

Interesting post & Lovely Outfit!

I love that outerwear...

Enjoyed reading your blog =)

Liz {Sequins And Stripes} said...

How have I never heard of this? So fun! Also, LOVE your necklace!!

Lisa - Archives Vintage said...

sounds like you had a better time than i did at renegade, haha! :)

Tanvi said...

That is an awesome sweater!!!

I love white! Though I know red is supposed to be healthier!

I feel I have seen you before, may be i am just mistaken! :)

♡ from ©

Between Laundry Days said...

The festival sounds awesome! I totally would go to something like that. Love me some wine.

And also, you look PHENOM! I adore this outfit. Totally stylish and chic and cute and awesome.

Mommyblogger said...

I've never tried wine actually & I'm not sure why. The festival looked fun though. I LOVE your outfit :)

Amy Creyer said...

Grant Park has some of the coolest backgrounds for photos of anywhere in the city. Love the ones you found!