Monday, October 3, 2011

beau•ty (byoo-ty) | kinsey from in kinsey's closet

Every week, I introduce you to a blogger who has been kind enough to share their story about a feature they love now that once brought insecurities and how they learned to love it. Together, these women will help re-define beauty in their own words and will hopefully help others feel more comfortable in their own skin because each of you are beautiful - you should feel that way everyday!

Meet this week's beauty - Kinsey from In Kinsey's Closet.


Growing up, I was really insecure about my chest. I developed early and always felt pretty self-conscious when all of my girlfriends were in undershirts and training bras and I skipped right to the real deal. I always liked attention, but never for something outward like my breasts. As I got older and started becoming more active, they just simply got in the way. Sports bras never gave enough support, dressed rarely fit right, and whatever fit my waist never fit my chest. It has been a pain finding clothing that hit all the right spots with these things. I get a lot of unwanted attention because of my curves, and that can make me really uncomfortable and self conscious!

Even though there are some big (pun intented) drawbacks to large boobs (nothing fits, rude gawkers, back pain, never being able to go braless), I have found that in doing In Kinsey's Closet I have learned to love the way I look. I used to be so concerned with what others thought of the way I dressed and looked, but now I realize that we all are who we are and that can be a beautiful thing. I can rock a plunging neckline, fill out a beautiful top, and have something to hold up those cute strapless dresses that always fall down on other girls! I love retro looks from the 50s and I feel that having a little more up top always helps!

There were times when I wasn't 100% comfortable in my skin, and frankly I have my self-conscious moments almost daily. Once I realized that my biggest enemy was myself (listen Kinsey, no one else noticed that pimple until you pointed it out!) I started giving myself some major self love. Even if I had to fake it sometimes, I became a lot more confident once I decided I wanted to be. It's all about giving ourselves a pat on the back. Yes, you DO look hot in those jeans! If we feel good on the inside, we look good on the outside. It's cliche, but cliches are repeated so often because they're true!



Piper Alexander said...

Great post Tabitha! This made me smile :)

Kinsey said...

Thank you for the feature Tabitha. This is a great series of posts you're working on; way to encourage people to embrace what they love about themselves (even when it's been tought to learn to love!)


fabulous post! xo

Kristin said...

How cute is she?? LOVE that scarf!

Bravoe Runway said...

Great Post Tabitha and Thank you for introducing us to Kinsey! I am seeing

Sandy a la Mode said...

i LOVE her blog and outfits!!!

Natasha said...

Love her blog,love the series, so cool to have a blogger featured, i have so many i would love to feature on mine:)

path to positive said...

Great post! I have that Old Navy "LOVE" sweater! I will be wearing it a ton this fall!