Wednesday, October 26, 2011

beau•ty (byoo-ty) | pretty powerful

I started my Beauty series because we often spend too much time concentrating on the things we hate about ourselves that we never see all the things we should love.  It's difficult to not dwell on our imperfections, I do it almost everyday, but we should all remember that we control our own confidence and can learn to love what we hate most.  I'm a strong supporter of any campaign that helps empower women, so I was thrilled to hear that Bobbi Brown's Pretty Powerful Tour of America was coming to Chicago.  The campaign follows Bobbi's belief that every woman is beautiful without (yup without) makeup, but with the right makeup women can feel powerful. Her belief is that makeup shouldn't transform you into someone you're not - it should help showcase who you are.




Saturday morning I went sans makeup (something I never do) to Nordstrom at Northbridge Mall and was greeted by Shawn and Holly who are part of the Bobbi Brown team.  I sat down after snapping some pics and Shawn went right into teaching me about Bobbi's philosophy, as well as Pretty Powerful (which has been around for over a year).  I absorbed anything and everything he had to say, feeling so inspired by her passion for empowering women to embrace their true beauty.  As he was giving me the scoop on Pretty Powerful, he was teaching me how to feel confident with every step of my makeup routine.  Shawn did an amazing job listening to what I told him was important to me (cheek color and eye liner) and I left not only feeling empowered, but motivated to help other women feel the same way.

We each have a story to share about what helped us become more confident about our looks.  Now with Bobbi Brown's Pretty Powerful initiative you can share your story for a chance to be the next face of the Pretty Powerful campaign.  Even if you don't feel like sharing your story, definitely read (and vote) on the stories that have been submitted by other women.  It's amazing how much more confidence you build just by reading stories from people who are just like you.



Thank you to the wonderful team at Bobbi Brown (Shawn, Holly, Jasmine and Kelly) for giving me an opportunity to experience Bobbi's philosophy - I'll definitely do what I can to spread the good word!

|To quote the Pretty Powerful mantra: Be Pretty. Be Confident. Be Who You Are.|


Courtney Erin said...

That sounds like a really fun and inspiring event!

xoxo ~ Courtney

misslarissabree said...

This sounds like a really great experience. We do spend too much time worrying. Im really enjoying this series :)

Rebecca said...

That sounds fun. I'm not too familiar with Bobbie Brown products, but I hear good things about them.

City Girl Chicago said...

I love the Bobbie Brown concept! (not to mention their make up is A+ quality!)

Natasha said...

Awesome message!U look adorable