Monday, November 7, 2011

beau•ty (byoo-ty) | emily from the daily fashionista

Every week, I introduce you to a blogger who has been kind enough to share their story about a feature they love now that once brought insecurities and how they learned to love it. Together, these women will help re-define beauty in their own words and will hopefully help others feel more comfortable in their own skin because each of you are beautiful - you should feel that way everyday!

Meet today's beauty Emily from The Daily Fashionista


1) What is your favorite feature that you didn't always love, but have learned to appreciate? 
I had to learn to appreciate my hair color, actually. I grew up not being allowed to highlight or dye my hair, so once I moved out of my parent's house I went crazy with hair dye. I was tired of being a strawberry blond and really wanted to try something completely different. I did thick highlights first then I started doing color. I even went a little crazy after my wedding but before the honeymoon and chopped off my hair and dyed it black. I've been a brunette, auburn, and super light blond. Sorry to say I don't have too many pictures of that time in my life, since I was so self conscious around a camera. But if you look back in my blog archives you can see me as a brunette.

2) What made you learn to love it?
I started to identify my hair color with my heritage. My maiden name is Kenyon and literally means "fair haired" or blond. My dad, my sister and some of my cousins all share this color. Plus I didn't know anyone with my last name so it kind of made it feel more special to me. Oh and my family is originally from northern England which is where our name is derived. 
3) Any advice for other beautiful women out there who struggle with being comfortable in their own skin? 
Your born with what you have. I think that going the total cosmetic route and changing up your look temporarily is fun for a little while, but sometimes its the original features that we have that set us apart and make us more interesting! I may dye my hair again, but for now I really like having my real hair color and I also love the fact that I don't have to worry about maintenance! 



Elle Sees said...

What a greatvfeature!

Rebecca said...

I went hair dye crazy when I went to college, since my parents wouldn't let me color my hair in high school.

dusanabotswana said...

It's good to know that even someone with such a beautiful natural hair color went through this! I also went crazy w/ the dye my last few weeks of high school.. going bright red. Just so not me though and as Emily says, it was sort of to just hide insecurities. What a great feature, so glad I found it, thanks! : )

SassyUptownChic said...

This is a great interview Tabitha! Emily is awesome! I love her hair and she's beautiful. I think all of us have a hard time at first accepting things, but in the end it's ok. It's what makes up unique! Thanks for having her on your blog. I love reading peoples stories. Hope you're having an awesome day Tabitha.

Jen @ redsolesandredwine said...

Great feature Tabitha :) I also used to dye my hair, I think I was trying to be less "Asian" so loved her interview. Now I love my hair color and save money by not having to dye it every month.

Hope you had a great weekend! Thought of you when we went to dim sum on Sunday and how your hubby and you don't get out to do "asian: food as much as you would like :)

Linda Kenyon said...

Hello, I'm Emily's Mom! My hair's naturally a bit darker than Em's, currently has caramel highlights. I went dark brunette/red highlights after my Mom passed; I just felt "darker"... My first foray into dyeing was with buying a tin of henna in NYC and going to town! This was when I was in college.

Lindsey N. said...

This is such a great idea. It's always nice to her the self-love that other people's way inspring!

Lindsey Soup

LC said...

I'm loving this feature! Obviously I'm nuts about dyeing my hair, but one day I'm sure I'll settle down!

You must go check out the meatloaf bakery, it's definitely a spot I'll be going back to!

Francesca Giusti said...

Love this post and also your blog!I just become your follower now! i hope you come back and you'll do the same! ;-)
i wait for you! ;-)