Wednesday, November 2, 2011

fash•ion (fash-uh n) | fall maxi dress

A black maxi dress is my alternative to sweats.  Since wearing sweats is such a fashion faux pas, this is my "go to" for days that I'm either A) feeling 20 pounds heavier than my real weight, B) can't bear the thought of wearing anything that constricts my waistline, C) want to dress down or D) all of the above. 

outfit details | dress - h&m | sweatshirt - pencey | boots - f21 | bracelet - gifted alexander mcqueen|

100_5130 100_5127

As it gets colder, I've been exploring ways to use this maxi dress as a base for new fall outfits and also learning a few things along the way.  DO: Wear maxis with closed toe shoes (for some reason I was very against this until now).  DON'T: Wear baggy over baggy over'll get lost.  DO: Cover up, but find ways to layer the maxi with items that still shape the contour of your body.  DON'T: Let your summer mentality only see this piece as a warm climate garment.  Most important DO: Have fun testing out new ways to use your summer items.  After all isn't personal style based on trial and error?


|how this dress has been worn before|
100_4229 100_2855

|What are some of your favorite Summer pieces that seem to be transitioning into one of your favorite Fall pieces?|


Samantha said...

Absolutely love this look! I was going to try wearing my maxi with a fitted blazer and tall boots this fall! I like the way you paired it with a sweater! :o)

Kristy said...

Maxi dress scares me! It looks good on certain people, but definitely NOT ON ME :( I like this combo with the silver/grey sweater though! Definitely FALL-APPROVED :) I also thought that we could only wear maxi dresses with open-toe shoes, but you proved me wrong! It looks good with the desert boots :)

misslarissabree said...

This is a super cute idea! Good idea for those lazy days!

Rebecca said...

That sweatshirt is really cute, and it looks great over the dress.

Mel said...

This is a great look for a fall day. And you can't beat comfy!

laura said...

I really love maxi dresses! I wish I could wear more of them, but I like short skirt more! hahaha. Those are my version of sweats! :) YOu look fantastic here!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Mommyblogger said...

Great tips- I love the way you layered that crop top over it!!!!

City Girl Chicago said...

love your styling! And you're so right about the maxi being a great "comfy" base, I think I'll apply this thinking! ;)

blondieesquire said...

Great look! I love the sweatshirt and the pictures are so cute. :)

FashionAddict said...

I've had something similar and mind, and I might have to try it out today after seeing how fabulous you look in your combo! Love love loveth!