Wednesday, November 16, 2011

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Living in Chicago any local will tell you that it's mandatory to have some good Winter boots - and no Uggs don't qualify for many reason.  I'm talking about boots that not only keep your mootsie tootsies warm, but can also stand the harsh weather conditions and are stylish.  Those are the only things that need to be checked off your list when shopping for a pair and thankfully Sorel boots pass that test with flying colors.


Last week I was lucky enough to join my friends Andrea, Lisa, Emily, Merl and Grace to check out Sorel's new collection at the Step Into Style event hosted by Daily Candy.  Timed perfectly with the first snowfall of the season, Winter boots were on my mind that day and who better to look for new boots with than my fashionable blogger buddies?



DSC_6801 DSC_6774

With Voga Italia wine and Sprinkles cupcakes in hand, we gallivanted around the store to scope out the latest collection.  Over the last few years I was obsessed with Sorel's Caribou boots, but this season I'm totally crushing on the Tofino's.  These boots are stylish enough to throw on when commuting to work in a massive snow storm, but are also perfect to wear on a cool, crisp and laid back Winter day.



By the end of the night we not only overstayed our time at the on-site photo booth, but we each found a pair that we loved just in time for us to be prepared for the "worst" Winter we're expected to have.  Overall it was a great night to hang with my lady friends who not only let me act like a fool, but tolerate it.  Have I mentioned how much I love these ladies?

|Do you have a criteria when choosing a pair of Winter boots?|

*Thanks to Trisha at Daily Candy for hosting us ladies and Voga Italia for the wine, as well as a pair of Sorel boots. Lastly thanks to Andrea for taking all these wonderful pic!


Mel said...

I have a pair of Sorel boots sitting in a shopping cart and I've yet to pull the trigger. Waiting for, what? When it's too late and I'm cursing myself?

T - how about the fit on these? I have a narrow foot and sometimes need to go a 1/2 size down in medium width boots. How do you feel these run? Thanks!

ChiTown Fashionista said...

Amazing photos!! So mad I missed hanging out with all of my favorite chicas. :(

susan#'s said...

I need a boot that is waterproof, breathes (otherwise I get sweaty feet) and is comfortable (becuase I have messed up feet). I have a pair of merrell "spire" boots that I wear almost every day in winter.

Looks like a fun event!

LyddieGal said...

proper winter boots are a must!
the event sounds like it was a lot of fun - you definitely need to share some of the photo booth shots!

Chic on the Cheap

Rebecca said...

I need boots that are warm, waterproof, and have good traction so that I don't slip on the ice. Uggs definitely don't cut it.

laura said...

You ladies are fabulous! Oh how I wish I lived in Chicago!!! I lived in Alaska for 8 years, so I should be the authority on snow boots, right? WRONG! I hate wearing snow boots because I think they make me look stumpy. hahaha. But those Sorels are super cute! My favorite winter boots right now are from Sugar, and I'm not sure they're even winter boots, but they're cute and have traction!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Fauxshionable said...

I was looking for comfortable, waterproof, insulated, and stylish boots last winter. Guess what I ended up with? Sorels! :) Looked like a fun event!

Johanna said...

I have a pair of Sorel's I got last year and they are the best...a wee bit heavier than the average boot but nothing gets through those babies. They are like Jeep tires!

What a fun outing!

lisa - archives vintage said...

YAY! ♥ you!!!!! xoxo

SassyUptownChic said...

Tabitha, you ladies had a BLAST. We barely wear booties here in new orleans. When I shopped on Michigan Avenue I fell in love with the winter wear. Love the boots at the event. They look warm, comfortable and cozy. Hope all is well.

Ria said...

I recently got gifted a pair of Sorel boots. I absolutely can't wait to wear them! I'll be waiting a bit though because I live in Florida but I travel a bit so maybe I'll venture to the cold weather before it actually hits here. Love Voga as well. Looks like you had a blast.