Thursday, November 17, 2011

life (lahy) | unexpected expense

Well I'm so glad that last week I decided to save a few pennies here and there outlined in this post because over the weekend the unexpected happened...Stevie the TV decided to stop working. (Can anyone name what show that's from?)

Yup our TV in the living room just decided to stop working. So on Saturday, our routine date night (which I was really looking forward to) was derailed thanks to good ol' Stevie. Instead of trying a new restaurant and seeing Like Crazy, we ended up sitting at at our neighborhood joint Flo and Santos sipping on Birra Moretti and noshing on waffle fries prepping for a night at Best Buy.


There was once a time that electronics were so appealing to Matt that we would frequent Best Buy like it was a church holding mass every Sunday. Because I didn't have the same interest in computer chips, surround sounds and other gadgets that Matt loves, I learned to pass the time in the video game display section of the store. As you can guess, while Matt was debating between plasma, LCD, LED, 1080p, 600hz, etc - I spent the time at the Xbox Kinect demo dancing like a fool and also testing out 3D TVs.

Two hours and one few rounds of Dance Central later, Stevie was replaced with Phoebe the TV. Sadly, with Phoebe's unexpected arrival both Matt and I agreed that Christmas presents to each other weren't a priority this year.  This isn't the Cambridge Satchel I was wishing for, but it's something that needed to be replaced.

|How do you deal with unexpected expenses? Do you find that sometimes you have to sacrifice something in order to make up for it?|


erin♥ said...

NO! Matt better get your Cambridge! LOL! ♥ Xx at the very least the $50 one from Hallelu :)
Got the green one. Love it!

Samantha said...

UGH. Glad you got a new TV but always stinky when unexpected expenses come up. We try to save a little more every month for the unexpected - because something unexpected seems to come up every month!

Glad you had fun with the dancing at Best Buy - what a great idea! Will have to try THAT next time hubby takes me there!

Savvy Gal said...

i need to buy a new tv as well. usually with unexpected expense, i will probably have a little fit first, count to 10 and deal with it.

just tututiny said...

I hate unexpected expenses as well, the worst part is it comes when it wants so it always mess up your original plans! Glad that you guys were able to get a new TV to watch movies with but stinker to no Cambridge bag. Although who knows hubby might surprise you ;) Keeping fingers cross for you my dear!

Katie said...

Unexpected expenses are definitely annoying, but if our living room tv died (which it better not for a long time since we just went through this in April), my husband would be at Best Buy in 5 minutes.

laura said...

unexpected expenses are really UGH. My husband and I have just had to deal with those so many times in the past few months, and we're already on a pretty tight budget. I like to put away some money every month EXACTLY for those unexpected purchases.

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

SassyUptownChic said...

Tabitha, I truly believe appliances have "brains" because the conk out at the damndest times! Last winter my hot water heater went out! I had to get off $1K for a new one. I was not a happy camper. Things happen so quickly. Glad you got a new one. ((HUG)) LOL at your funny face pic!

Mommyblogger said...

Seems there are always unexpected expenses around here. Sometimes we have the cash & sometimes we just have to figure it out or wait. Oh the joys of being broke LOL!

That is a great looking TV. That is all I really can say about it though seeing as how I know nothing about electronics!!!

Pilar said...

I do the same thing when Hubby wants to go to Best Buy "just to look around". I spent my time dancing like a fool in front of kids 1/3 my age. Haha.

Sabrina said...

Love your "Friends" references :) whenever we go to buy electronics I actually have to pay attention to what B is doing or he will end up walking about of the store with the most expensive item assuming it's the best.