Friday, November 4, 2011

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I learned about The Field Museum from The Travel Chanel when they profiled Sue, the T-Rex that the museum has displayed in the main area, and since I love everything dinosaur related I made sure we paid her a visit during our very first trip to the city.  Ever since, The Field Museum has been one of my favorite places in the city. 


Every month the museum offers select discount days where they offer Illinois residences free  general admission and this week I decided to take a day off of work to enjoy the perk. Since moving to Chicago, we've probably visited the museum at least once every year and each time we go, my appreciation for the museum grows stronger.  Although there are permanent fixtures like Sue, there are great traveling exhibits that temporarily call The Field Museum home and we were able to get a glimpse at some of the new things like....

The Grainger Hall of Gems
100_5067 100_5079

Ground Zero 360
100_5083 100_5089

Mammals of Asia
100_5104 100_5096

Matt knows how much the museum means to me, so he was kind enough to come with me amidst his day of back to back meetings, to re-ignite my inner geeky kid that loves to absorb all this history.  He's such a great guy isn't he?  Although going to the museum seems more like an item on a tourist's checklist of things "to do", it might just be one of my favorite things to do in the city.  Living in Chicago has taught me to never take things, like The Field Museum, for granted and everyday I have a great appreciation for what this city has to offer.

|Do you have a museum that you like to visit often in your city?|


SassyUptownChic said...

Hey Tabitha! The Field Museum is so beautiful. Ours is a lot smaller here in New Orleans, but I still patronize it. We get some exhibitions every now and then. They also have a number of events held in the evenings throughout the year. I was looking at the banners on The Field Museum and saw a chocolate one. Not sure what that was? INTERESTING!!! I would attend THAT! HAHAHA Lovely post girl!

Rebecca said...

We have a nice, free Art Museum in Minneapolis, which I like to go to. The Twin Cities has a decent amount of museums, considering the size of the metro area.

Bonnie said...

I love the giant T-rex. Museums are so great to visit. You can learn a lot from a simple field trip there. :)
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Style Journey said...

Wow! That museum is fabulous! I love learning about history and seeing old artifacts, so I would love to go there someday. We have an art museum in Columbus, but nothing like The Field Museum. Have a great weekend :) Heather

lisa - archives vintage said...

the field is one of my all time favorite places ever!!!! ive been going since a kid, it holds so much nostalgic value for me! not to mention their exhibits are always awesome.

when i worked at that other (cough cough) museum, we got free admission to all the chicago museums, but i still paid for a field membership to attend their behind the scenes member nights, when you get to see many of their back rooms! you should totes do it, its SO fun!

Mimi said...

The hall of gems has my eye!!

Aesthetic Lounge

Closet Fashionista said...

Yayyy museums! This one looks quite fun :)

kileen said...

i love the museum! We have a Natural Science Museum that's pretty awesome -- it has a giant T-Rex too. :)

cute & little

Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

Back in 2007, the American Assoc. of Museums had their big conference in Chicago and I scored a free ticket to a swanky event. I had appetizers at the Shed Aquarium, ate dinner SITTING UNDER SUE! in the Field's atrium, and then had dessert at the Adler Planetarium. Best night ever.

I go to all the Colorado museums, but I'm a Colorado curator. It's sort of the law.

laura said...

Tabitha, I've only been to the Field Museum once-- when I first moved to IL about 4 years ago. And I LOVED it! My husband and I were there for the whole afternoon! :)
♥ laura
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Mai said...

oh i love to visit that museum,that reminds me the night at the museum i the movie is called. I like going to museums in other countries (:

CMPang x

FashionAddict said...

I wish we had a cool museum! We definitely have to get back to Chicago soon and visit this one.

Sandy said...

I work at the Art Institute - and my obsession with museums leaves me a bit biased. I'm super into the Field. I want my guy to pop the question in the Grainger Hall of Gems (I'm a stickler for sparlkes, museums, and nerdy dudes).

As for must-see-museums: MoMA is my go-to when I'm in NYC, as well as the Met. And then there is a special place in my heart for The Andy Warhol Museum.

If you ever want a tour of AIC, let me know!

Ashleigh said...

I have GOT to get out more. Can you imagine I've been here for 6 years & have never done the Field??