Friday, December 23, 2011

fash•ion (fash-uh n) | custom suits

My loving husband has a sick obsession with custom suits.  True story.   The last time he had his suit made I asked if I could come along to document the process because I genuinely am intrigued by the whole thing and he quickly vetoed the idea.  This time, he let me tag along.

Matt's had several suits made from different custom places across the city, but Sebastien Grey has become his favorite.  When he saw that Gilt City was have an awesome deal on custom suits at Sebastien Grey he quickly claimed a voucher and called it his Christmas present. 

When we arrived at Sebastien Grey in the South Loop, we were welcomed by two women both named Lindsay.  This outpost is a small pop-up shop type of store, but it sure is a place of efficiency.  The place is run with only the bear necessities, but still has touches of personality like the faux deer head used to hold sample bow ties. 





After our introductions we sat down and went right to business.  Matt knew that he was looking for an espresso colored suit, so we were flipping through books of swatches finding the perfect color.  There were tons of options from solids to plaids and pinstripes - it was tough to pick just one, but Matt finally picked a great dark brown suit and complemented it with a purple coat lining, as well as thick purple stitching. 




The ladies were great in making suggestions based on what Matt liked and were very attentive to all the details,  as well as items that were important to Matt.  If your man is like mine and likes to dress in suits more often than not, definitely get him to check out Sebastien Grey.  Even though the final product won't be done for another several weeks, I know it'll turn out amazing!


Alyssa said...

I love that you and you husband bond over fashion-y things. I always find men's fashion much more interesting than woman's.

sara tee said...

you're so lucky to have a fashionable guy! C:

Laura Go said...

Tabitha, this is the coolest! My husband is graduating soon and will definitely be needing a suit (or two) for interviews and such. I will have to point him to this place!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Johanna said...

I love a man in a suit. Sounds like good taste and fashionable dressing runs in your family! :)

Keg Design said...

love this idea. would be perfect for my hubby. can't wait to see a post about your guy's final suit!