Wednesday, December 21, 2011

food (food) | holiday treats

It's that time of year to eat and be merry.  I'm not a baker, but I do like the idea of bringing homemade treats to holiday parties.  So my hate for baking usually takes a back seat this time of year and I try to channel my inner Martha Stewart.  This past weekend we went to a friend's holiday party and knowing that cake pops are so popular right now I wanted to create something similar but not identical.  That's how I came up with Rice Krispies treat pops.  It's dummy proof, fun and requires a minimal amount of actual "baking".

Using the traditional Rice Krispies treat recipe, I formed little balls before they cooled and stuck lollipop sticks into each one as they were cooling down.


When they finally cooled down I dipped each one in chocolate and topped them off with crushed candy canes.  An easy treat to make for those who are anti-bakers like me. :)





Keg Design said...

yum! looks good and easy, i don't like to bake either!


this look so good. May have to try this recipes.

Whitney said...

These look most excellent! A must try for sure. Thanks for sharing and happy holidays!

Laura Go said...

adorable! And so simple to make. It's classic with a twist.

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Bethy said...

Yum! Have you ever tried cake pops? There's a bit of baking involved, but all from a mix. And they're adorable:

LC said...

this is such a cute idea! looks super yum!