Tuesday, December 6, 2011

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With Christmas around the corner, I've been trying to support a lot of local businesses for most of my stocking stuffers, holiday exchanges and goodies for myself. Growing up with a dad that owned a small business, I understand the importance of supporting local businesses and what it does for the economy. Although I get blind sided (maybe too often) by un-beatable prices at large retail stores, the items that can be found in small boutiques are much more unique and sometimes more meaningful.

I live down the street from Columbia College, which is an amazing art school and well known in the Midwest for their great fashion, as well as design programs.  A few months ago I stumbled upon Shop Columbia, which is the school's art store that sells many of the students' one of a kind masterpieces such as prints, cards, jewelry, clothing, accessories and much more.  Last week when I was on a mission to find a good white elephant gift, I headed to the Shop Columbia and the store didn't disappoint.

Walking through the store, there were so many great pieces I wanted to take home and at decent prices.   I was on a mission to find a fun gift for an upcoming gift exchange, but alas I was distracted and of course ended up grabbing something for myself instead.  I'm a true believer of that rule, "One for you, one for me" and in this case, I just started with myself before buying a gift for someone else. 

I love that I discovered this store.  It's like a group of Etsy sellers all combined in one roof that are much more accessible.  I'll definitely be back when I have more gift giving to do, or when I need to frost myself with some unique jewels.  Even though it's a Chicago based store, you can check out their amazing artists by shopping online at Shop Columbia.

|Are there any local stores in your neighborhood that you recently discovered or like to support?|


laura said...

I love handmade stuff. I go to craft shows to buy presents because I think their stuff is really more unique! This shop sounds fantastic! and so convenient too!

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

SassyUptownChic said...

HAHA Tabitha! I love the "one for you, one for me rule" too! It's awesome that you support small businesses. I try to do the same and will be doing it more so. Plus you can find all kinds of unique cool stuff at these shops. It's definitely a win-win. :D

Rebecca said...

We have a similar store in the Twin Cities.

Luis said...

I'm a huge fan of C/Fan & Lara Miller! Amazing local designers, yet two totally different girls.

I'm officially a follower now. Love how you completely revamped your blog.




Samantha said...

LOL! I always do the "one for you, one for me" deal!! Thanks for sharing all the fun things at Shop Columbia! (I love finding local/ individual things - and when the price is good, even better!!!)


gina said...

I've walked past there a few times recently. I'll have to check it out.