Monday, January 30, 2012

fash•ion (fash-uh n) | winter necessities

Just when I thought we were going to have one of the warmest winters in Chicago, the weather took a turn for the worst. Luckily, temps haven't been below 10 degrees, but low to mid 20s is still pretty chilly - enough to warrant good winter accessories. So here are a few of the favorites in my closet that are perfect for the remaining of this bitter season.

Convertible gloves | They're comfy, versatile, keep your fingers warm and won't fail you when you're touch pad gloves do.

outfit details | coat - bennetton | sweater - old navy | shirt - thrifted | pants - citizens of humanity | fur scarf - gifted | gloves - gifted | boots - c/o sorel | necklace - gifted t+j designs |

Fur infinity scarf that doubles as a hood | My awesome sister and brother-in-law gave this to me for Christmas and I sure have been putting it to good use. It keeps my neck and head warm when cold gushes of wind decide to sneak up behind me. Not to mention that it compliments many outfits quite nicely.

And lastly, winter boots | These are an absolute must.  When you're expected to stomp around the city on foot, they not only do they have to be functional, but they need to be stylish too. 

|What are some of your favorite winter necessities?|


Mel said...

Ahh, you got the red boots! They were out when I bought mine so I went with the gray. Very nice! I love that pop of color. My winter life is not complete without my collections of winter scarves. I have a slight addiction to them.

Ashleigh said...

Yay for awesome/warm boots. And check out that fab necklace ;) Excellent round up of absolute must haves. Sunday was freeeeezing!

Samantha said...

Those are great essentials, especially the infinity hood! :)

xo, sam

Lisa - Archives Vintage said...

you're the cutest little snow bunny :)

i never got my boots from sorel! they emailed me a few times saying there was a delay, and then totally flaked. lame!

Laura Go said...

You are so comfy cozy! In the winter, I must have huge scarves and lots of mitten options!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Jen @ redsolesandredwine said...

You definitely look ready for the cold here in Chicago Tab :) Love the cozy essentials and the necklace!

Hope you had a great weekend.


Luis said...

Definitely looking good Tabitha. Knowing me, I usually suffer for fashion... aka I'm an idiot.



rlutz said...

My sorel boots are my winter staple...cannot get through the snow without them!! Love the scarf as hood!

Christen said...

Truthfully, while you look completely adorable, I am so glad I don't have to own these items :) Our winter has been pretty mild, and I'm so hoping that it stays this way!

socialitedreams said...

cute gloves :) gah, not a fan of the sudden chicago cold, glad for the freakish 60 degrees lol