Monday, February 13, 2012

life (lahyf) | dose market

Ever dream of an indoor market that gives you just a taste of the many great vendors and small businesses in your area?  Well that's what Dose Market offers here in Chicago.  This monthly market held in the River East Art Center brings together some of the best boutiques, services, artists, designers, restaurateurs and much more, under one roof.  It's a little less than a year young and I had been dying to go, but sadly up until this past weekend it never worked with my schedule.


This past weekend I finally got to check it out with blogger friends Johanna, Ashleigh, Jen and Zoe.  We wiggled our way from vendor to vendor, checking out everything from coconut lavender cream pie at Bang Bang Pies to designer goods from Luxury Garage.



There were tons of people within each aisle which made it a little difficult to maneuver at times, but the quality of vendors that participated made the cluster of people more manageable.  The vendors vary from month to month, but you can always expect: something delicious to eat, an item you wish you could add to your closet, a service you didn't know existed and a little random trinket that might change your life.




After walking around and checking out each vendor, we all couldn't resist the Cheese Dream guys who were making grilled cheese sandwiches to order.  They had a couple variations of grilled cheeses available, which made it hard to decide which one to order, but how could I resist anything with bacon?  So I went for the Beastie that was absolutely delicious and hit the spot.




If you've been wanting to check out Dose Market, I recommend going.  Just be prepared for a crowd, semi-long food lines, but an overall good time.


Johanna said...

Great pics! Such a fun change up for a Sunday. Next time I am getting that candied bacon if it kills me!

LC said...

oo! just added this to my calendar, i must check it out!

Zoe said...

Your post is waay mor informative then mine! I love it! Too bad bang bang was out of candied bacon :(

Laura Go said...

oh darn! It's just a monthly market? I was planning on going up to Chicago in a couple weekends! This place looks like my kind of thang!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

Mai said...

Nice snapshots! (:
CMPang x

City Girl Chicago said...

I'm looking forward to getting to this myself! and bacon + grilled cheese? Sold. Watch, I bet you I will make this for lunch today :)

Ashleigh said...

Aww, that was such a fun outing. I am totally kicking myself for not trying the pie, just re-reading it made my mouth water!