Wednesday, February 1, 2012

life (lahyf) | my day in photos

I'm anti-social on Sundays.  Well that's somewhat false.  What I should say is that I like to typically save Sundays for myself.  We're all entitled to be selfish and Sundays are usually the best day for me to do it.  However, that rule is meant to be broken if there's something fun going on that I can't miss out on like fun brunches, a good thrifting adventure, day at the outlets or something that takes you outside of the city).  However, I had my totally selfish Sunday and thought it would be fun to participate in Fat Mumslim's "Your Day In Photos" challenge.

If you follow Fat Mumslim on instagram, this isn't the first time you've seen one of her clever challenges. I decided that I would also participate in her February "Photo A Day" challenge, but to practice I would document my lazy Sunday in a slew of hourly pics.

6:30am | You're probably not like me and wake up at a freakishly early hour of 6:30am on Sundays, BUT if you lay in bed checking Facebook, Twitter and Gmail before getting out of bed almost every morning - then you're a lot more like me than you might have thought.  I'm one of those freakish people that doesn't even go to the bathroom until I've done all 3. 

7:15am | I start every morning (alright almost every morning) with some kind of workout and since Sundays are lazy workout is reflective of that.  Pre-natal yoga is still great, but less challenging than I'd really like it to be.

8:50am | After yoga I couldn't help but notice that snow was coming down on us again.  I sat in a daze staring at the flakes falling not cause I was mesmerized by it all...I was too lethargic to get up off the couch.

9:15am | Ever since I found out I was pregnant my husband has been so great and making a lot of my meals.  Especially my eggs since he's so adament about my protein intake.  Today was no different.  Gotta love a man that cooks.

10:30am | As I slowly was putting myself together to run errands, I also made time for some online gazing to procrastinate even more.

11:45am | Finally I got myself and to JoAnn's fabrics to buy myself some materials for a DIY project that I had been putting off for awhile.  Much like a kid in a candy store my eyes are bigger than my stomach and bought way more than I needed (or will even use).

12:30pm | I usually try to eat before heading to the grocery store, but there are times when you can't avoid doing that.  The items in my shopping cart are reflective of things that I wanted at the they sit in our fridge and they'll be sitting there for awhile.

1:00pm | One of my things about grocery shopping is that there's never one store that has everything I need.  There's one that is close, but it's not a one stop shop.  I stopped in at a local Asian market to pick up a few items and re-discovered some odd looking fruit that I haven't seen in awhile. (This is called Durian and yes it smells like feet)

2:00pm | When you get back from running errands what's the one thing that would make any wife happy (aside from having a clean bathroom)? Coming home to a husband cooking dinner. :)  Matt's spaghetti sauce takes hours (really a whole day) to cook, so he started this batch of sauce right after I left our place.

3:15pm | After some lounging and un-winding I finally talk myself into starting that DIY project.  The picture you're seeing now, is the extent of how far I've gotten with it.  This is my problem with DIYs I start them, but they take forever for me to finish them. 

4:30pm | Sundays are never complete without a little bit of self indulgence.  For me it's well manicured nails.  Although I still love sitting in a nail salon and getting the little hand massage, this is much more budget friendly.

5:50pm | Lastly, to recap my day of pics it all comes back to blogging.  What day is complete without doing something blog related whether it's writing posts, reading other blogs or responding to emails/comments.  Before I lose all sorts of motivation I try to accomplish all my blog posts for the week on Sundays so I can concentrate other aspects of life the rest of the week.

|How did your Sunday compare to mine?  If you had a day in photos what would be some of the highlights of your day?|


Katie, Interrobangs Anonymous said...

I have a durian scar on my right hand! My dude always wanted to try one, so we went to the Asian market and grabbed one to take to an outdoor party.

Totally smelled and tasted like feet, but it was so weird looking that we ended up with a bunch of strangers in the park coming over to check it out. Made some new friends, and then I stabbed myself.

Andrea @ theMFDre said...

What a fun idea for a post! I'm going to do this too! xx

Chi-Style Maven said...

Loved this post! Such a great idea :)

eek said...

I love seeing this little glimpse into your life! My favorite part is the cooking hubs - he sounds like the best! And now I need to go figure out how to make scheduled posts on blogger...

Christen said...

I really enjoyed reading this, and I must admit that I cannot wait until I graduate so that I can return to having lazy Sundays without guilt. I loved your picture of durian. I tried it when I was in Bali, but cannot stand the stuff. At least I tried it though, right? I hope this coming Sunday is just as lovely as this past one!

Johanna said...

I totally feel the same way about Sunday's. I don't leave. I plant my butt down on the couch, cook,'s my personal heaven!

dusanabotswana said...

so fun seeing so many parts of your day! I'd love to be around your house for that cooking, seems like you're both great cooks! What DIY did you make? Hope you enjoy your weekend & get lots of rest w/ that little one growing inside : )