Wednesday, February 22, 2012

mov•ie (moo-vee) | the vow

I'm one of those girls who gets really uncomfortable with the mushy love stuff.  Much like Julia Roberts' character in My Best Friend's Wedding, I am not the girl that is affectionate in public and sometimes the thought of romantic gestures makes me laugh out loud more than it makes me swoon.  I'm not totally heartless though - I do appreciate gestures of love in my own way like the time Matt sent me a Justin Bieber teddy bear for Valentine's Day or the time he sent a singing Austin Powers telegram to my office.  I guess you can say I'm romantic in my own way.  However, I am still female which means that I love romantic chick flicks with un-realistic story lines and over dramatized acting. 

Since I wasn't going to make Matt sit through 90 minutes of me crying through The Vow, my girlfriends and I decided to make a date of it. 

Honestly, I'm not going to share too much about the movie because you can surely predict the plot just by watching the preview, but here are my 5 reasons why you need to watch this movie.  1| It's filmed in Chicago and captures so many great things I love about this city (even though I could tell by some of the street signs that they re-created some parts of Chicago in downtown LA).  2| If you're like me and haven't had a good movie cry since The Notebook, this will help shed some built up tears. 3| It's based on a true events and makes the story that much better. 4| I love Channing Tatum. 5| I love Rachel McAdams...maybe more than Channing Tatum.  Okay, okay maybe an equal amount.  

Needless to say, with this movie you know what you're get into and it delivers everything you want out of it so go see it.


LC said...

aw man! i have yet to see this. i didn`t know that it was filmed/based in chicago! makes me want to go see it more haha.

Kristy said...

I LIKE THIS MOVIE!! I saw it last weekend (and yes, I dragged my bf to watch it with me) and while it's predictable, I still enjoyed it thoroughly. I always love Rachel McAdams (Canadian woot woot!), but I surprisingly loved Channing Tatum in this movie. He's goofy and adorable, but with killer abs!;) And their chemistry was great, too! It also made me want to visit Chicago real bad!!

City Girl Chicago said...

Yep, this is definitely on my radar to watch as soon as the hubby takes his next business trip. Chick flick + a glass of wine + puppy time on the couch = my idea of a perfect weeknight :)