Friday, March 16, 2012

fash•ion (fash-uh n) | amsterdam

So it's a no brainer that Paris is a mecca when it comes to fashion.  Duh - so me sharing the great boutiques and amazing designs, not to mention the street style, wouldn't be any different from what we already know.  Paris is fabulous - old news.  However, what came to me as a surprise is the amount of amazing vintage and thrift stores there are in Amsterdam.

Now if you've never been to Amsterdam, you would be shocked to find out that it's so hipster.  In fact, it's so hipster that it puts folks in Portland to shame.  They take the cake on skinny jeans, oxford shoes, retro bikes and groomed (but looked to be ungroomed) facial hair.  On our first day, as we were on our way to eat at The Pancake Bakery, we stumbled upon this adorable store I Heart Vintage.  The cute little boutique was packed with tons of great vintage pieces, especially dresses, and the back is where they housed a studio where they shot all their images.  Prices were very reasonable from both the Euro and vintage aspect, and the best part - they ship internationally.  Which means even if you don't have a trip to Amsterdam coming up, the items can come straight to you.





The other place I couldn't resist going to was Rumors Vintage.  The window displays sucked me in and their collection of vintage sunglasses had me at first sight.  The place was very well organized and the one thing I couldn't pass on was sifting through each of the well kept coats.  Unfortunately (for me at least) the Netherlands seem to have the worlds tallest people so for those shorties like me, there was no hope of finding a coat that would be the right fit.





We came across so many other vintage stores just walking the neighborhoods and I was pleasantly surprised with the selection that each store offered.  All pieces were so unique and well maintained that really justified the relatively decent cost.  Even though I withheld from buying any sort of clothing, I thoroughly enjoyed window shopping in all the boutiques.  I'm pretty sure Matt was sick of me complaining the whole trip about not being able to buy clothes, but he was surely a trooper for sifting through all the stores.  I'm just glad that he was able to make some good clothing purchases that let me live vicariously through his excitement about it.  Luckily I already love this baby or else I would have been really upset about not being able to buy any clothes.


Laura Go said...

I heart Vintage looks like a gorgeous shop! I want to snatch everything up there for myself! :)

I totally believe you about Amsterdam fashion. I dunno why, but somehow I knew they were all gonna be hipster there ;)

♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights

The Thriftaholic (Leilani) said...

Thank you for posting these photos, I'm always curious about the vintage scene in other countries. Did you at least buy accessories? I would have gone crazy buying jewelry, purses & sunglasses!

Anthea said...

What did you buy??!

dusanabotswana said...

oooh wow those coats look amazing & so do those shades! Did you find anything at either place? I had no idea Amsterdam had really anything semi affordable, let alone cute little vintage shops like this!