Monday, March 5, 2012

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Hi, you've reached Defining Tabitha and I'm currently on my babymoon.  While I'm out I've asked some friends to blog sit for me.  Over the next few days you'll read great posts that have a travel theme embracing topics that each blogger is an expert at covering. 

Today meet Cait from Pretty & Fun.  Every time I see Cait at blogger events she's always so put together with the perfect combination of her outfit being functional yet super fashionable.  Since I refuse to just travel in my Hello Kitty pajama pants, I asked Cait to put together a list of her favorite items to stay stylish while traveling.  Enjoy!

Hi there! I'm Cait from the lifestyle blog, Pretty & Fun. I'm excited to be guest posting for Tabitha (aka the most adorable preggo chick I've ever seen) - while she's off on her babymoon, I wanted to share some advice for staying chic while traveling.

As exciting as traveling can be, we all know it is also exhausting - from a long wait for airport security or a twelve hour drive (which I did last weekend) - comfort is key when you're on the go. But don't break out the sweats, here are some key pieces to add some style to your traveling wardrobe, while making sure you're comfy as the miles fly by:

Traveling in Style 1

Traveling in Style

  • Leather Passport Holder: Protect your passport while adding a pop of color to your look (and the neon pink color will make it easy to find while digging through your bag!)
  • Ban.Do Heart: Dress up your t-shirt with an easy accessory - just pin it on and you're good to go.
  • Sam Edelman Leopard Ballet Flats: Yes, taking off your shoes to go through airport security is a pain. Make things easier on yourself with a cute pair of flats that you can work into tons of outfits for your travel wardrobe.
  • Deux Lux Weekender: One word says it all: sequins. 
  • Gap Pure Leggings: Can you really go wrong with a great pair of black leggings? No, I don't think so.
  • J Crew Vintage V-neck Tee: When traveling, layers are key! This comfy v-neck tee is a perfect basic piece in a fun color that would look great on anyone.
  • Old Navy Shawl Cardigan: It can get chilly when traveling so a sweater is always important to bring. Shawl cardigans allow you to feel like you're wrapped in a blanket while being much cuter than a Snuggie.
  • Burberry Aviators: Hide tired eyes and instantly look glam with a really great pair of sunglasses - I love aviators because they're so classic and are super flattering.
  • Marc Jacobs Watch: I'm pretty sure every outfit looks better with a chunky gold boyfriend watch. Not only do they look great, but they're perfect for traveling so you can keep track of time without draining your cell phone's battery.
The best part about these pieces? They're all extremely versatile and can easily be styled into different outfits throughout your trip. So go ahead, book that vacation and pack your bags - with the help of some classic pieces, you can travel in style and look fabulous during every part of your trip. Thanks again to Tabitha for the opportunity to guest post and be sure to check out my blog or say hi on Twitter.



Hailey said...

love! such great suggestions.

Hallie said...

Holy Moses! That Deux Lux Weekender bag is stunning...

Great picks, Cait! Hope you lovely ladies are doing great :)

xx Hallie

Stefanie Grace said...

I think I'm in love with the watch!

Molly said...

Cait is right, this look is chic and I bet it's super comfy!

Hope the babymoon is relaxing and fun.