Monday, March 26, 2012

fash•ion (fash-uh n) | spring jackets

I have a closet full of 3/4 length sleeve jackets, capes and vests that are getting no love.  The small window of Spring and Fall that has the mildly cool temps between 50 - 70 degrees come and go so quickly.  I rarely have a chance to enjoy all these items in my closet that can be comfortably worn in this temperature so I'm taking advantage of it now.  The quick taste of summer and early start to Spring that we've had in the last few weeks is forcing me to wear all this stuff before the weather gets too hot...and before I get too big.



In other news, you may see a decline in outfit posts and an increase of wishful thinking outfit collages.  This past week I've realized that there is no such thing as "cute" maternity clothes.  ASOS is the only exception, but sadly I want instant gratification and I don't have patience to wait  7 - 10 business days for my goods to get here.  To all you designers out there - if you made decent maternity clothes you would make a killing!  Just an FYI.

outfit details | jacket - thrifted | leggings - h&m | headband - f21 | boots - report c/o nordstrom rack | bag - longchamp |



Jessica said...

Yeah, I have a ton of 3/4 length sleeves that I wish I wore more of. Maybe I just need long leather gloves so I can wear them more in cooler temperatures!

While I haven't been pregnant, I've noticed that maternity clothes aren't exactly the cutest things. I hope that I'm pregnant during the spring, so I can wear a lot of jersey dresses with empire waistlines that I can find in the normal section!

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catherine said...

I bought tons of empire waisted summer dresses in a size bigger and just wore them through most of my pregnancy...we actually have a ton of clients that do, too...Jersey is stretchy and forgives a BIG baby belly.

dusanabotswana said...

Oh bummer... I was hoping to see a lots of your adorable little baby belly, but you look adorable all the same! That coat is super cute & I'd guess that you could still wear a lot of your things like light jackets/cardis just unbuttoned and if you have loose dresses/tunics.. but obv I really have no idea hehe. Anyway, embrace it, you are glowing & look so beautiful! Oh, amazing tree blossoms too : )