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Hi, you've reached Defining Tabitha and I'm currently on my babymoon.  While I'm out I've asked some friends to blog sit for me.  Over the next few days you'll read great posts that have a travel theme embracing topics that each blogger is an expert at covering. 

Today meet Zoe from Style Foodie.  She's got a keen sense of fashion, the best vocabulary and a taste for good food, so I've asked her to share some of her favorite meals she's enjoyed while traveling.  Try not to get to hungry while reading her post and enjoy!

Hi Loves!

I'm Zoe and I blog over at Style Foodie. I'm a Chicagoan like Tabitha and I work in the fashion industry and I've got a serious love for good food! I love to eat and cook good food and write about it. Style Foodie is a lifestyle blog about life in the windy city, style, and really good food.

Since I'm kind of big on food and I travel a bit Tabitha asked me to share with you loves my top 5 meals I've had while traveling.

1. BLT: Choice Market - Brooklyn,NY

When I was in NYC in September I made it my mission to try this BLT after I saw it on The Best Thing I Ever Ate. The picture doesn't do it justice, this has to be the best sandwich I've ever had and I don't even really like tomatoes! This sandwich was so good I ate it three times during the week I was in NYC and it's on my list of eats every time I go back.

2. Port-poached pear w/gingerbread and cinnamon ice cream: Eastern Standard - Boston,MA

I had this on my last trip to Boston on a dessert blate with Alex! This was the first time I ever went to a restaurant and strictly ate dessert and the first time I had a poached pear, it was heaven. The Eastern Standard was such a nice restaurant with great ambiance.

3. Crab Cakes: Hugo's Frog Bar - Chicago,IL

I know I live in Chicago, but the first time I ever had these crab cakes I didn't live here and was in Chicago for business. I was staying at the Elysian(Now the Waldorf Astoria) and my agents and I had dinner at Hugo's. I will tell anyone that will even consider eating a crab cake go to Hugo's it's literally a crab cake orgasm in your mouth, that's right I said it food orgasm.

4. Jumbo Pizza Slice: Pizza Mart - Washington,D.C.

Please excuse the bad photo quality and chipped nail polish, this photo is from 3 years ago.

As an east coast girl I know pizza, I love pizza, and I'm very particular about my pizza. In D.C. a specialty is the jumbo pizza slice and Pizza Mart does it just the way I like it. I found this place by chance one day when my mom and I were walking around the Adam's Morgan neighborhood. I saw a sign for JUMBO PIZZA SLICE and I was intrigued so I popped in to check it out. Let me tell you that when they say jumbo they mean JUMBO the slice you see above was only half! My mom and I split one slice!

5. Filet Mignon au Poivre: Lake Park Bistro - Milwaukee,WI

Pinned Image
I had this meal a while ago but it still sticks out in my mind, for two reasons. One I had never had potatoes like these they were pureed into a silky smooth bliss. Two the cognac sauce was like nothing I had ever had before and left me speechless, my mouth is watering just thinking about now. Also in Milwaukee Lake Park Bistro always seemed like such "fancy" restaurant to me when I was a kid and on a visit home it was so exciting to finally eat there.

I hope I got your taste buds going, I know mine are, and I hope I got these places on your list of restaurants to try. Be sure to hope over and visit me over at Style Foodie! 

And big thank you to Tabitha for having me!


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