Friday, March 9, 2012

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Hi, you've reached Defining Tabitha and I'm currently on my babymoon.  While I'm out I've asked some friends to blog sit for me.  Over the next few days you'll read great posts that have a travel theme embracing topics that each blogger is an expert at covering. 

Today meet Johanna from 101 Things I Love.  Johanna blogs about all the things she loves - everything from fashion to home decor with a little bit of her adorable family sprinkled in.  I always admire her montages that features her "wants", so I asked her to put together a must have list of  her top 5 items travel essentials.  Definitely check out Johanna's blog and see why it's one of my 101 things I love. :)

Hi! My name is Johanna from 101 things I love... and I am thrilled for Miss Tabitha and all of the wonderful things in store for her this year. When I found out she was going on her baby moon, I thought back to my own and what a great time it was for my husband and I. I couldn't be more honored to "blog-sit" and I'm even more excited for Tabitha and her husband as they embark on one of the most memorable trips of their lives. So, thank you Tabitha for having me on your lovely blog.

Now...on to my travel essentials! I learned the hard way that a well packed carry on can make or break your trip. See here. Hence, my post is all about the infamous carry on...and what will you get you through mishaps abroad.

  1. Thongs: always pack extra undies in your carry on. If that piece of luggage doesn't come down the belt and you don't speak Portuguese, French, Italian or Thai...guess what? You have clean drawers for the next 5 days which is why I like this Hanky Panky set. Perfect for travel.
  2. Bathing Suit: a must. Have you ever tried to shop for a cute maternity suit in a foreign country? Yep, not a lot of options. Especially when all you want to do is take a swim on that first day. Not to mention, do you really want to spend that much on a bathing suit you'll only wear once or twice in your life? This Juicy Couture suit is adorable and can be totally rocked as a maternity style.
  3. Leggings: people have strong preferences when it comes to leggings. I am impartial. If they have spandex and are black - they fit the bill. Great when you are in a bind with missing luggage because you can always buy a cute souvenir tee and rock leggings for a day or two...or 8!
  4. Facial Wipes: these are a must - missing luggage or not. I use these to refresh after long, 12 hour flights, when I am too lazy to wash my make up off or...of course, when my toiletries are missing in action. I like the Yes to...Blueberries brand because they smell fresh and they travel easy AND they pass the TSA rules. 
  5. Ballet Flats: every girl has a pair and if you plan to walk a lot like we do when traveling abroad...let's face it; heels are meant to sit and sip bubbles in. Save them for date night dinners. And if you travel to Europe like Tabitha is, think crazy hills and cobblestone streets. Having these babies in your carry on will save your life. Unless of course you need to go shoe shopping...which I perfectly understand. 
And those are my top 5 travel essentials! I hope no one ever encounters lost luggage but if you do, these 5 items will see you through. For more crazy antics, visit me on my blog, Twitter or Pinterest

Bon Voyage Tabitha! Take lots of pics! xoxo


Orangies Attic said...

Great post... about to start packing for a spring break trip so very timely for me! Orangies Attic

Elle Sees said...

i love making a sugar scrub from a lemon and sugar--you can get this on the plane, in your room, etc. it totally helps when traveling

Style, She Wrote said...

A great idea to bring ballet flats! They work in any occassion or situation. xo style, she wrote

ElsaD said...

Oh, love it! Thanks for sharing! xoxo