Wednesday, April 25, 2012

beau•ty (byoo-ty) | makeup remover

There used to be a time (ie my college days) where I'd stumble home late night after hanging with friends and the last thing I wanted to do was remove my makeup.  Of course that always meant the next morning I would wake up with mascara smeared under my eyes and half my makeup smothered all over my pillow case.  Luckily I've learned from my mistakes and have become diligent about removing my makeup as part of my routine every night.  

I've tried a handful of different removers and like many products out there, I found that it's very hit or miss.  After trying multiple makeup removers, I found that there are 3 that I could confidently say did the job and the best part?  It fits with any budget!

makeup remover

  • Starting price point: Less than $7 (if you opt to only buy the refills minus the container)
  • Why it's great: 
    • You can buy them virtually anywhere (ie: Target, drug store, grocery store)
    • It doesn't require any water
    • Perfect for removing makeup on the go (great for traveling especially if you carry on)
    • Can double as a stain remover for clothes
  • Starting price point: $16
  • Why it's greater:
    • Doesn't require water (but I still rinsed my face after use to get rid of any residue)
    • One pump goes a long way
    • If you stick it in the fridge for a good hour, reduces puffiness from your eyes after a sleepless night or a night of bawling from seeing a chick flick
  • Starting price point: $39 (Yes it seems a little extreme for makeup remover, but it really is the best)
  • Why it's greatest:
    • Requires only a small amount of oil
    • Leaves skin moisturized after rinsing with warm water
    • Removes stubborn waterproof makeup
    • The calming scent helps you relax - perfect right before bed (sometimes I put a little extra oil on my temples right before bed)
|Are you a stickler about removing makeup before going to bed?  What are some products you recommend?|


pearls and green tea said...

I swear by the shu uemara cleansing oil! It's crazy pricey too but I think it's worth it!

pearls and green tea said...

I swear by the shu uemara cleansing oil! Worth every penny!

pearls and green tea said...

I swear by the shu uemara cleansing oil! It's crazy pricey too but I think it's worth it!

Piper Alexander said...

I use a combo of Nuance (Salma Hayek's CVS line) eye makeup remover and a wipe. I've been trying a bunch of different drugstore wipes, but I've found the 100 pack from MAC is actually reasonably priced at $0.26/wipe.

Where can you buy Bliss?

Anonymous said...

In terms of overall face cleaner and make-up remover, Boscia has an excellent face wash! It is called "Makeup-Breakup Cool Cleansing Oil" and it is only $26! It is also safe to use while pregnant (as is the rest of the Boscia line).

In terms of just an eye make-up remover, believe it or not, Mary Kay has an awesome eye make-up remover. One of the only products I use from Mary Kay, but I have been a faithful user of this eye makeup remover for over 14 years!

Courtney Erin said...

I religiously use Almay makeup remover, Cetaphil face wash, witch hazel toner, and vitamin E cream every single night!

Courtney ~

Laura Go said...

I always totally remove my makeup before bed. I like using these green tea sheets to wipe everything off and then I wash my face then moisturize, blah blah. I've tried a lot of makeup removers before and those liquid ones always make me break out!

♥ laura
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sartoriography said...

So, I'm one of those people who just uses water to wash her face, partially because I'm too lazy to decide/research which remover would be the best. I appreciate that you have already done this for me. ;) Thanks for all the tips!!

PS: When can we hang out?!?!?!

dusanabotswana said...

The very very best thing I discovered for taking off eye makeup was baby oil, per my mom's recommendation. I used it for years until I finally realized it was made from petroleum and now put a smidge of olive oil on a tiny cloth pieces and works perfectly for me.