Monday, April 16, 2012

fash•ion (fash-uh n) | bakers shoes

Right now the only thing I can buy and know they'll still fit (at least for now) are shoes.  So when Bakers Shoes and Dee Dee from The Sassy Peach invited me to check out the re-opening of Bakers on State Street I said, "Hell yes!" Retail therapy that doesn't limit me to the maternity section of stores is a dream come true.



In all honesty, it had been at least a few years since I've stepped into a Bakers shoes store and I was so giddy once I walked through the doors.  There were so many great pairs of shoes and accessories in vibrant bright colors perfect for the spring/summer.  As I was walking through the store I realized that all the shoes are super cute and extremely affordable.  Here you can expect prices to range from $39 - $140, which is great cause it caters to everyone's budget.




With summer around the corner, the only thing I had on my mind were flat sandals.  With the amount of walking we do in the summer not only is it important to find a pair that is cute and functional, but a pair that can keep up on those walks that sometimes last a few miles.  There are so many great options like the Roma that would go great with any outfit, as well as the Autumn, but what I loved most were Dee Dee's pick of the Sari that adds personality to any look.



Whether you're looking for your future favorite pair of summer sandals or a pair of platform heels to go with your GNO outfit, Bakers has a great selection for you to choose from.  I will fully admit that Bakers was never the first place I thought of when buying shoes, but I have been converted.  Aside from the selection and price, their shoes are super comfortable.  I can't wait to come back and shop more when I'm re-stocking my closet with open toe shoes for the summer.




Thanks to Bakers and Dee Dee for re-introducing me to this great store...and for reminding me that cute shoes don't have to come at an extreme cost.


Zoe said...

ahh so jealous of your shoe shopping!

Coco said...

Yes, I know I prefer not to break my bank over expensive shoes/heels because there's so many other affordable option to have great footwear. I love the Jessica Simpson shoe collection there by the way!

Rebecca said...

It looks like they have some cute shoes!

Dee Dee said...

Good stuff Tabitha and love your picks! That store is definitely going to get me into some trouble now, teehehe! ;)

rlutz said...

I have not been into Bakers in years. Looks like a great place to go to get some reasonably prices sandals...thanks!!