Monday, April 9, 2012

fash•ion (fash-uh n) | peplum tops

As I've mentioned before, I'm lucky to have other blogger friends who are also expecting this year. Not only is it great because we can compare pregnancy notes, but it also gives me inspiration for putting myself together when really it's very un-motivating. 


About a month ago, blogger friend Jen posted a peplum lookbook and it reminded me that I had one of these tops sitting in my closet.  Thankfully I remembered because I realize how wonderful this top is for hiding my bump that looks more like I just ate a huge Chipotle burrito for lunch.  Until I start rounding out, I'm trying to find the best flowy tops to cover it up - otherwise you'll find me explaining to people that I'm pregnant not fat.

outfit details | shirt - libertine for target | skirt - h&m | boots - report c/o nordstrom rack | sunglasses - ray ban | hair clip - columbia college store |


You don't have to be pregnant to rock this look.  In fact, you might rock it better if you weren't, but you'll notice that peplum tops and dresses are coming up everywhere...and it's quickly becoming my favorite style.  It's a perfect amount of girlyness without feeling over the top.

|What are your thoughts on the peplum style?  Are you embracing it or do you think it's a fad that peaked in the 80s?|


Johanna said...

I think you look adorable. If you can rock a peplum top whilst prego, you can rock anything!

LyddieGal said...

I might want to get a peplum pencil skirt... i've been seeing so many cute ones!
Chic on the Cheap

Sabrina said...

so cute!!!! I kept staring at your boots thinking, she is so lucky she can still wear regular shoes. I am not so fortunate, my feet are starting to swell my the day and flip flops are the only shoes that fit.

caffeinerd said...

Love this style on you! My would've-been-bridesmaid dresses from JCrew had a peplum skirt and I bought a matching one...will have to bust it out sometime. I don't know if it's truly the most flattering cut on me/my hips, but i love it anyway!

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

Girl, you look fantastic!

sartoriography said...

Why don't you look pregnant? Is this baby stuff all a lie?!?!?! Tell me the truth, Danny DeVito!

PS: You look awesome.
PPS: I miss you!

Samantha said...

Tabitha - you look so cute in the flowery peplum top! I love peplum things but only have a couple of items!

xo, sam

dusanabotswana said...

i DEF love fun bold prints & colors a la 70s any time! & you DEF look adorable & pregos and NOT AT ALL fat! oh my goodness, you are seriously so cute, def show off that beautiful baby bump!