Friday, May 25, 2012

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I'm at the point in my pregnancy where I literally thought to myself, "Oh SH*T, I have 10 weeks until baby is here and I don't have nearly half the things I need!"  So of course instead of thinking about the "must haves" like a crib, changing pad, diapers - I fixate on the more fun items like diaper bags.  They're a necessity aren't they?

For awhile I was really fixated on just having Matt get me a Goyard tote as a push present and calling that my diaper bag.  But then I realized that not only would that be the most expensive bag in my collection, but that there's no reason why I would want to lug children's gear, snacks, trash etc in such a high priced item.  I finally came to my senses and put a more realistic list together.

Diaper bags
1 | 2 | 3 | 4

For awhile I was only thinking of what I would be proud to have slinging over my shoulders vs functionality.  It wasn't until Lindsay founder of Bump Club and Beyond shared a great tip at a recent event that made me re-evaluate my diaper bag criteria.  She said that with a diaper bag you want something that is easy to clean and something that you would be willing to leave with a caregiver (whether it be daycare or with a nanny).  That truly meant that my desired Goyard was out of the question.  So, my list of what I want in a diaper bag became clearer:
  • Look for a neutral color bag, sans design.  I'm not one of those people to carry a diaper bag with cute prints or florals.  They're cute, but just not me.  At some point this bag will also serve as my purse, so camouflaging the look of a diaper bag is best with a plain neutral color.
  • Make sure it's easy to clean.  I just spent $60 to clean my Linea Pelle tote last week and there's no way I would be willing to pay that on a bi-monthly basis (if not more) just to keep a diaper bag clean.  So stick to materials that are easy to toss into the washer or something that is easy to wipedown.
  • Must have a crossbody strap.  My friend Abby said she loved her Petunia Pickle Bottom bag because the straps can be adjusted to wear as a backpack.  I'm more of a crossbody girl, and toting a heavy bag on one shoulder can be bad for your back's alignment so a strap to aleviate some of that weight is key.
  • Daddy must approve.  At some point I expect my husband to carry this bag.  As it stands right now with my purses, when I ask him to hold it for a second in public he holds it with pure disgust - holding it away from his body as if it was a bag full with a week's worth of garbage.
|So as I'm finalizing which diaper bag I want, which one of the 4 is your favorite?|


Rebecca said...

I like 4, but it looks like it is on the smaller side. 1 is my second choice.

1smileygirl said...

I actually have bag #3. I love it but it can get w bit heavy when I do pack a lot. On the positive note, I do love how I can hang it on the stroller. (Don't forget to buy stroller hooks.) I do love how there are compartments which makes it easier. I even have the same color so my hubby doesn't mind carrying it. A bag that I almost thought of getting but have yet to check out in person is the Charlie Diaper bag.

Laura Go said...

number 4 most definitely! But I may be biased since I totally just LOVE cross over bags or messenger bags!

♥ laura
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Kim {A Girl about Style} said...

Where did you have your Linea Pelle bag cleaned? I want to have some of my bags cleaned but I'm terrified to turn my bags over to just anyone. Thanks!

susan#'s said...

I'd also recommend a bag that you can machine wash and is LIGHT! Once you load up all the baby gear and your stuff, they can get heavy.

I have several diaper bags - all of which were given to me (I also won a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag at an event - it is to heavy). My current favorite is a freebie Gerber one strap backpack (it is all black with a tiny logo).

When the baby was first born, I just shoved extra stuff in my purse. Don't buy one till you actually need/want one.

Laurie Ann said...

I like the Marc Jacobs one! I actually have 2 diaper bags. I have a Petunia Pickle Bottom Bag (which does have a strap to be able to wear cross body in addition to wearing it as a backpack) That one is a bit bulky and heavy but super easy to clean because it is a glazed bag. We use that one to keep in the car for extras during long day trips to festivals or fairs. We also leave that one with him when we take him to my mom's for the day. I use my Timi and Leslie Jessica bag on a daily basis and LOVE IT! One thing you may want to keep in mind is if your bag doesn't fit under your stroller and doesn't come with stroller clips (some do) you will may consider purchasing them. Let us know which one you choose!