Friday, June 29, 2012

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It's no secret that I absolutely LOVE flea markets and we're lucky that there's Randolph Street Market right in the heart of the city.  It's been my go to place to find trickets and knick knacks to fill baby Liam's nursery.  With so many great vendors, I spend at least a good 3 hours making sure I don't miss a thing. 





In order to prepare myself for a day at a flea market, I have to have the perfectly fashionable but functional outfit. So, here are a few of my key rules on how to dress for a day at the market:
  • Wear a light flowy frock.  If you're a true market goer you know that you'll be at the market for at least a good half day.  That means you'll be in the hot sun for multiple hours so prepare yourself with a lightweight, airy dress - one that's preferably of vintage or thrifted nature. 
  • Sport a cross body bag.  You never know what you'll walk out with.  It can range from a set of chairs to go in your living room or a bunch of random jewels.  Either way you want your hands free.  The last thing you want to do is lug around a heavy shoulder bag that you constantly have to adjust throughout the day while you're balancing all your flea market finds.
  • Walk in sensible flat sandals.  Would you ever wear heels to Disneyworld?  No.  Same rule applies at a flea market.  You know you'll be walking around, squating down to examine unique pieces or tip toeing to reach a one of a kind necklace.  Be kind to your feet and wear a realistic pair of shoes that give you flexibility and comfort.
  • Protect your eyes.  Being in the sun all day can take a toll on your eyes.  Be sure to pack your fashionable pair of sunnies.  
  • Be earth friendly.  If you plan to do a lot of shopping, why not tote your own bags?  Sometimes these are easier to carry than a handful of plastic bags and you'll find that some vendors don't have many bags to last an entire day of business.
Flea Market Fashion

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|What are some of your must wear pieces when going to the flea market?|


Anthea said...

Great choices!

Julie and Lauren said...

Ive heard so many great things about the Randolph street market! I need to check it out next time I am home! Live your blog. X

City Girl Chicago said...

Were you there last weekend? We walked away with one of those tile mirrors!

Mel said...

I love those mirrors!

christina said...

Oh so pretty!!! I love these finds!!!

NM said...

the randolph street market is one of my favorites!

Makaila said...

I'm so jeals. I wish we had a flea market such as these to go to every weekend here in Portland {not to mention SUN} ;)


Mrs. Pancakes said...

Great finds!

Allison said...

OMG that flea market looks amazing! I'm obsessed with visiting flea markets!
I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!!
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Sarah said...

Oh, this looks like a good one!!