Monday, June 18, 2012

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Ask any of my friends and they'll tell you that 95% of the time I don't leave my place without accessorizing.  I love jewelry and am a true believer that it's what completes an outfit.  Even those celebs that we see in US Weekly who are gallivanting around LA in their sweats, still seem to look much more put together so long as their outfit is topped with some sort of accessory.

These days, I rely on jewelry much more to add depth to my outfits.  Not only is it guaranteed to fit me, but it helps dress up any simple jersey dress in many ways.  Here are the types of pieces that I'm currently coveting.

Statement necklaces:  This is no new obsession for me.  The bigger the necklace, the more attracted to it I seem to be.  These pieces are fantastic because they add more character to any plain tee or tank.  Wearing a statement necklace lets people know that you're confident, individualistic and bold.  The one person who ALWAYS rocks amazing statement necklaces is Nikia from Chitown Fashionista.  Every time I see her she's always sporting an amazing new pieces that make me green with envy and the recent addition of a Elyse Marie Vieni piece has me thinking that I too must own one real soon.

statement necklaces
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Neon:  The lovely Johanna from 101 Things I Love blogged the other day about neon and neutrals being one of her favorite trends.  Neon has quickly become one of my favorite things about this season and my recent purchase of a bright neon pink dress will get much use this summer.  However, some people need to take baby steps when it comes to certain trends and jewelry is the best way to participate in the craze, without feeling like you're going overboard.
neon jewels
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Pieces with meaning:  Even though it's more my style to have bigger and bolder pieces of jewelry, I gravitate to daintier pieces that make big impacts in little ways.  Monogrammed and inspirational jewelry has the same longevity that investment jewelry does, but without the price tag. Before my husband and I got married, he bought me a gold ring with the word "love" written in cursive.  Almost 10 years later and it's still something I wear just when I need that little touch of personality.  The next piece with meaning I hope to add to my collection is the Ginette_NY Mini Monogram Baguette (#1 below) with the date of my son's birth.

personalized pieces
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|Are you currently coveting any of these jewelry trends? What are some of your favorites right now?|


Tanvi said...

Totally loving the Neon pieces and the ones with a meaning!!! :)

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Katie said...

I love how jewelry makes a regular outfit that much more exciting. I always have a few pieces on!

caffeinerd said...

Loving neon now, too (took me awhile to hop on board). The H&M statement necklace looks great!

LyddieGal said...

i definitely believe in the power of the accessory. You can make a tee shirt and jeans look totally glamorous and put together with the right accessories.
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Christen said...

This is a great post! I especially love your selection of statement necklaces!