Wednesday, June 20, 2012

mov•ie (moo-vee) | safety not guaranteed

There's nothing better than summer movies.  While I do enjoy spending quality outdoor time, one of my favorite things about the summer are all the highly anticipated movies that come out.  Almost every week throughout the summer there's a movie I'm dying to see.  Of course I'm eagerly waiting for the release of The Dark Knight Rises, Ted, Magic Mike and The Bourne Legacy, but even the smaller indie movies tend to be better in the summer.  The way I see, why not take a break from the summer heat in an air conditioned theater?

This past weekend, Matt and I watched Safety Not Guaranteed.  I knew nothing about this movie.  In fact, when Matt was describing it to me I thought it was a documentary, but I was so pleasantly surprised that it was more of hopeful romantic comedy with so many small witty twists.  Made from the same producers of Little Miss Sunshine, this movie ultimately leaves you with great emotion and is an all over feel good movie.

So what's the movie about you ask?  In a nutshell, it's a story about a man who places an ad in the classifieds looking for someone to travel back in time with him.  Three reporters from Seattle Magazine find the ad and figure it could make a good story, so they seek him out to see if this guy was as crazy as his ad.  This story follows the adventure of these three reporters as they find their answers, not only about the man in the ad, but about themselves.
Again, I had no knowledge of this movie and honestly pretty low expectations, so I was pleasantly surprised that it had a great assemble cast with Aubrey Plaza (from Parks & Recreation), Jake M. Johnson (from The New Girl), and even a cameo by Kristen Bell.   With Plaza and Johnson alone, you could expect the unique humor filled with sarcasm that I oh so love and a similar quirkiness within each character that was also portrayed in Little Miss Sunshine.  Each character had their own unique story and reason for wanting to travel back in time, but ultimately the story was focused on Kenneth (played by Mark Duplass) and his desire, nay passion, for wanting to travel back to the year 2001.

Throughout the entire movie, each character developed in their own way and you further embrace their hopefulness for each of them as they grow from this experience.  Without disclosing too much about the storyline, each character gets a something from the overall adventure and leaves with a sense of self-awareness that they were not originally looking for.

It goes without saying that I absolutely LOVED this movie.  In fact, maybe so much to call it one of my favorites this year.  I highly recommend this movie if you love Plaza's Daria-esque humor, men who wear denim jackets, love the idea of time traveling and enjoy a true feel good movie!

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