Wednesday, July 4, 2012

fash•ion (fash-uh n) | havaianas pop-up shop

Havaianas have become a summer staple in my much that I have more colors than I really need.  Can you blame me though? These sandals are not only super comfortable and last forever, but they come in the cutest styles.  They're perfect to slip on when you're going on a coffee run or if you plan to spend the day at the beach.  With the popularity and demand for Havaianas in the summer time, it's only fitting that the well known sandal brand set-up a pop-up shop in Chicago's own North Ave. Beach. 



Located just south of Castaways, this tiny pop-up shop gives beach goers a chance to make their very own pair of customized Havaianas.  You choose the base of your sandal, the strap and finish it off with an embellishment (optional).  By customizing your own Havaianas, you know you're making a pair you love and one that is unique. 



Last Wednesday, Glamour magazine celebrated the opening of this cute little shop and it gave me a chance to add to my Havaianas collection.  If you're planning a day at North Ave. Beach or are just in need of a new pair of Havaianas, make a stop at the pop-up shop to customize your own pair.  It'll be around through Labor Day.  Don't worry though if the heat has you confined indoors with air-conditioning - you can make your own pair of Havaianas online.



thestripedelephant said...

Oh I love Havaianas! I have a great pair of flip flops from there, and closed toe slip-ons. said...

I am OBSESSED with anything miniature and I love those little keychains! I'm more of a rainbows girl but I tons of people in the Havaiana's camp. :)