Wednesday, July 11, 2012

food (food) | the bad apple

A while back, street style photographer/blogger Amy Creyer of Chicago Street Style tweeted about eating at The Bad Apple.  Intrigued by her enthusiasm of dining at this place, our Twitter conversation evolved and she mentioned it was a good burger worth the drive up north.  I had never heard of this place, but the more I talked to friends about it, the more I realized that I was missing out.  The verdict was unanimous - The Bad Apple had some tasty burgers and I had to try these suckers for myself.

Right off the bat, anywhere that serves poutine is automatically a winner in my book and we started with an order of poutine sans cheese (for Matt).  Since I'm Canadian, poutine brings back so many memories of me as a fat kid walking around the mall with a cup full of fries drowning in a delicious brown gravy.  The Bad Apple's poutine was a great walk down memory lane.  The gravy was absolutely delicious, but the fries could have used a tad bit more salt.  


Next came the burgers.  The extensive menu is filled with tons of burger options like The Frenchie which is topped with brie, spinach and truffle mayo or The Big Texan that has pulled pork, fried onion rings and BBQ sauce all on Texas toast.  Every burger is served with fries that you could spruce up with flavors like curry, minced garlic, creole or chipotle.

Matt's mind was made up pretty quickly because the menu had a burger called Elvis' Last Supper which was topped with a heaping spoonful of peanut butter and 3 thick slices of bacon.  Ironically, Matt is someone who is already accustom to putting peanut butter on his burgers (GROSS!), so when we found a place that actually had this on their menu it was almost as if his stars aligned.  Since Matt eats an obscene amount of food, he made the burger his own by adding an extra patty.  When the burger was served, a few of the wait staff came out and said they were all "impressed".  Really I think they just wanted to see the person that was going to brave this monstrosity.




Since I'm more of an average eater I went with a Bad Apple Burger topped with sauteed onions and mushrooms.  Between Matt and I, we were both in agreement that these were tasty burgers.  We both were so happy with our selections and ate every single bite of our burgers.  It goes without saying that service at The Bad Apple was absolutely stellar.  I loved how this neighborhood joint had the friendliest staff and made the experience extremely pleasant.  Overall this place was well worth the drive.  The prices were more than reasonable, the food was absolutely delicious and the ambiance was great.  We definitely will be back when Matt has an urge to fulfill his peanut butter burger craving.


Thanks Amy for the recommendation - it really didn't disappoint!


Johanna said...

This is hands down my husband's favorite casual place to dine in the city. If he could go there everyday...he would. It is delish!

Clara Turbay said...

love tha bad food!