Friday, July 6, 2012

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Last weekend I packed my hospital bag in prep for Liam's arrival.  Although being in the hospital for a few nights isn't anything like a vacation, I of course am packing as if I'm going on one.  What I pack in this bag will be the first thing I wear post-pregnancy and even though it's mostly just pajamas/lounge wear, I take that just as seriously as any outfit I wear outside of the house.

Before I started packing my bag, I was in search of the perfect sleepwear.  I heard from friends that I should pack items that would be easy to nurse in and a lot of my friends recommended a nice nightgown.  I loved the idea of a nice nightgown, but Matt helped me realize that I'm really not a nightgown person.  I'm more of a matching 2 piece pajama set person at night and a tank with cute sweat pants when I lounge at home.  Even though I have plenty of that in my closet and although it was also recommended we not buy anything new, I think having a child deserves something cute you can feel pretty in.  Here are some of my favorite sleepwear picks that would be perfect for any soon-to-be mama or anyone who just wants to feel perfectly put together even while sleeping.


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|Are you someone that cares as much as I do when it comes to sleepwear?  Do you throw on a tee and some sweats or are matching sets more your thing?|


Jessica said...

I'm with you. You're going to be spending a lot of time in those pjs, so they may as well be adorable! The Target ones are darling. I've also picked up a few super soft cotton tank/short sets from Victoria's Secret. Might be worth checking out.

ruthy ann said...

well..i sleep i better figure out what i'm going to wear in the hospital! lol.

Mel said...

I've started sleeping in the Old Navy maternity ribbed tanks - so comfortable. And my hubby's boxers since they have an expandable waistline. Plus, I'm always so hot at night, so I need as little to cover me as possible. Sexy, I know! ;)

Rachael {all things beautiful} said...

Oh I love comfy sleepwear! Good choices :)