Tuesday, August 7, 2012

beau•ty (byoo-ty) | cheeky choices

I can never be seen in public without any sort of cheek color.  Without it, I look like the walking dead and I always rely on some sort of blush, powder or cheek stain to liven up my face.  Since I can't always depend on the cold weather (even in the Chicago winters) to give me that rosy cheek effect and pinching my cheeks to get the color doesn't last very long, I have handful of favorite cheeky products to give me the color I'm looking for.

Cheeky Choices
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|What is your go to cosmetic that you can't leave home without?||


Sandy Guttman said...

I'm a fan of this light pink blush from the Boots collection at Target, and a nice paradise peachy orange from Smashbox. But whenever a friend has Benetint in their bathroom... I always steal a dab. LOVE IT.

Liz said...

I use (and love) a lot of these products - but I'm partial to benefit when it comes to blush!

LC said...

loving these cheek products! i always use nars blush, but i keep hearing amazing things about the benefit tints. i`ll have to remember to check it out when i drop by sephora next time!

Johanna said...

Concealer...and we all know why!

Rebecca said...

I need blush too. I am too pale to go without a little cheek color.