Thursday, August 30, 2012

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As I mentioned in my post the other day, I'm still trying to curb the sweet tooth I developed during my pregnancy. Lindsay Pinchuk (founder of Bump Club & Beyond) once told me that it doesn't go away after pregnancy and boy was she right. For the last 5 weeks, since Liam has been born, I eat at least one chocolate chip muffin a week. Yup - thank you Dunkin Donuts for making it so convenient to support this bad eating habit.  Since I'm slowly trying to ease back into better eating habits, I replaced my chocolate chip muffin with an indulgent (but surprisingly healthy) chocolate chip cookie oatmeal recipe I found on Babble.  Who said that all cookies had to be bad for you?

Chocolate chip cookie oatmeal for breakfast. Recipe c/o @babbleeditors. It's healthier than a muffin, right?

Thank you Babble for introducing me to this recipe.  Now I can feel less guilty for having my chocolate chips in the morning!


LC said...

my favorite kind of cookie! i was justtt saying i need to find a good recipe..THANK YOU! i`ll let you know if i get a chance to try it out this weekend!


Meg said...

Plus, oatmeal is good for milk production. Win win for all.