Thursday, September 20, 2012

ba·by (ba-be) | first time mom must haves

Liam is officially 8 weeks old and that's just enough time for me to have a list of must have items that have helped me (and him) survive the last few weeks.  Many of the items aren't anything new or revolutionary, but I now know why these items have re-occuring roles on baby registries.  They work, and they work well.

Let's be honest what baby doesn't have Sophie?  This giraffe, which essentially is a baby's chew toy, is more popular than the Kardashians...not really, but close.



This isn't your normal nasal aspirator.  This is one that requires each parent to do a little dirty work and it's called The Snotsucker for a reason.  I'll spare you the gruesome details, but just trust that it works.

So gross but so effective @nosefrida

Liam is fighting off his first cold and aside from the NoseFrida we've relied on this humidifier to help him breath better at night.  This Crane humidifier has such a sleek design and fits perfectly with the esthetic of Liam's room, not to mention that his quality of sleep has improved since we've started using it.

Liam is a baby that loves his paci.  We love the WubbaNub in particular not only because it's so adorable and Liam takes to it well, but it tucks in perfectly into his swaddles, blankets and car seat straps so it's harder for him to "lose" it when it accidentally falls out of his mouth.


Halo SleepSack
Matt never perfected using normal swaddle wraps on Liam.  This sleepsack is great because it's dummy proof and when your little one no longer wants his/her arms tucked in, there's an option to keep them out.

Liam LOVES his baths, but I don't know who loves his whale tub more - him or his dad and I?  He fits in it perfectly and always look so comfortable sitting in it which makes bath time enjoyable for everyone who participates.


This book has come in so handy.  Before I Google every one of my questions, I look in this book first and it seems to have all the answers.  The best part?  It simplifies all the information and makes it easy for anyone to understand.  

This swing is one of the best gifts we received.  Liam loves it so much that it seems to be the only thing he wants to sleep in.  Since we're trying to ween him from sleeping in his swing and into a crib we no longer turn it on, but the music and mobile seem to be enough to sooth him right to sleep.


 aden + anais Swaddles
These swaddles are amazing.  Not only do they work great for swaddling, but they work well as a burp cloth, bib, blanket, etc.  We really get a ton of use out of these and carry one wherever we go.


|Do you have baby gear that you can't live without? What are some of your baby must haves?|


ruthy ann said...

glad you mentioned the frida...i need to buy one of those!

Sabrina said...

Your top list is very similar to mine..... Especially the Sophie, Swaddles, and his Swing.

You have to tell me how Liam takes his crib. We are weaning Tyler into his crib now, but it is failing BADLY! He will only sleep in it for a few hours a night, then won't go back in.

1smileygirl said...

My all time must have has to be my ergo baby carrier. My oldest is now 5 and my youngest is 2 and so it's been in my home that long. It's great!

Lesley said...

liam is soooo darling!! congrats on that cutie. a lot of your faves are mine too. :)

Melissa O'Malley said...

Great list! I added the WubbaNub to my registry!

erin♥ said...

Tucking all of these away for future reference :) Xx Kisses to you and Liam (and Matt too--happy birthday!) ♥

Sara said...

So weird, these are all the EXACT same things we loved! Baby 411 is the best book out there. The swing has saved my life when nothing else worked. And the snot sucker is amazing!

Jen @ redsolesandredwine said...

Fantastic list - I basically have 90% of the items you listed. Love that book too.

Ashleigh said...

Saving for "someday" :) Liam is so freaking cute!!