Sunday, December 9, 2012

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Last weekend my friend Rachel and I decided to finally try Ruxbin!  We both heard such amazing things for the past few months, but unfortunately restaurants that don't take reservations make it hard for us to try.  However, a post birthday celebration for Rachel was the only excuse we needed to finally try this place out. 

We arrived promptly at 6pm on the dot thinking that the wait wouldn't be horrible since the restaurant opened at 5:30pm.  Wow were we mistaken.  Arriving at 6pm, guaranteed us a table for 7:15pm.  We weren't prepared for that wait, but we were on a mission to try this place so we headed over to a bar close by, grabbed ourselves a glass of wine and waited for our call from the restaurant to let us know our table was ready.  Just before 7pm, we got the call and we eagerly rushed back.  Unfortunately because the restaurant is TEENY (really it is), there's no bar or waiting area that we could hang out at.  We sat down at our table next to the window and that's when I realized just how small the place was, at most there were a dozen tables, but the restaurant made great use of space. 



The menu was filled with such great options and if that wasn't hard enough, they had seasonal specials that made the decision tougher.  The one thing we were both sold on though were the garlic fries.  The smell of garlic that filled the restaurant was so intoxicating that we couldn't resist.  They were absolutely delicious and it was served with an amazing aioli that complimented them perfectly.


For my starter, I decided on a special - a progression of oysters.  I'm a sucker for oysters and couldn't resist.  The progression (starting from left to right) and each bite was different.  One had a great vinegar dressing and chopped apples, but my favorite was the last one.  It had smoke flavor that was being sealed by a glass that was not to be removed until it was ready to be eaten.  The flavor was amazing - I could have eaten 10 more.



For my main course I went for the "Osso Bucco" which was served with ramen risotto, brussel sprouts and crispy fried shallots.  This dish was complex with tons of flavor and was absolutely amazing.  No way could I ever create something like this on my own, which is why I ate the whole thing and enjoyed every single bite. 



We were a little underwhelmed with the dessert options, but it was for the best.  I was already stuffed by the time we left that I would have overdone it if we had dessert.  In short this restaurant is one of my new favorite places.  Despite the fact that they don't take reservations, it's worth the wait and you won't find anything else like this in the city.


Mimi said...

oh wow, the food looks so great! i want some of those garlic fries right now, haha! ;)

<3, Mimi
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Sandy Caribou said...


YUM! I am an oyster girl myself, and those looked divine. Did you eat the marrow (secretly my favorite part!)?

So happy you were able to have a night out on the town, thanks for sharing with the blog world.



Blicious said...

these pictures made me so hungry!