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life (lahyf) | 12 favorite blogs of 2012

Since having my son I've been slacking on all blogging fronts and I'll be honest when I started my wee blog many moons ago (almost 6 years ago) I didn't think blogging would become what it is today.  Who knew that blogging would become such a HUGE phenomenon.  Think about it...EVERYONE (ok a large number people) have blogs and they cover a gamete of topics from fashion, food, travel, movies, fitness, etc.  You name your interest - it's out there.  There's a TON of great blogs out there and it's hard to discover them all, but I do have my faves of this year. 

Here's a list of my 12 favorite blogs of 2012.

1) The Little Things We Do 
This is one blog that I NEVER miss.  I'm a "virtual" acquaintance with Lauren, but she doesn't know that I secretly (not so much anymore) want to be BFF with her AND that I want her adorable daughter Fern to be Liam's future wife. :)  This Portland blogger covers everything from fashion, DIY and baby topics - everything that I love.  She not only has her own amazing blog, but she also blogs over at Babble and Disney Baby too which are equally as awesome.  If you don't check out her blog, at the very least follow her on'll thank me for it.

I live in the South Loop neighborhood in Chicago and I'm always wanting to know what's going on in the hood.  This blog is the best resource for new restaurants, retail or just overall new anything that's happening in our growing neighborhood.  Even though you don't live in this neighborhood, it's a great resource for new things that are happening in the downtown area of Chicago.

3) Love Taza (Formerly Rockstar Diaries)
Sometimes I read this blog and so desperately want to hate this family because they are picture perfect...but I can't.  Instead I read every blog entry and wish that I could be as put together as this family.  The photography is impeccable and the style is admirable for a family that has 2 toddlers.  I read Love Taza and am inspired daily by their lifestyle.

As a new mother I'm constantly inspired by moms that have great style and I try to keep good company (ie: hanging with blogger friends like Red Soles & Red Wine, 101 Things I Love and ChiTown Fashionista) to make sure I don't lose my edge, but it's tough when sometimes all I want to do is wear Lululemon yoga pants daily.  I discovered Knocked Up & Fabulous in midst of my pregnancy and truly admired her knack for thrifted style.  On top of it all...she's a mom which made her blog even more compelling.  She lives in Chicago and I hope that one day I get a chance to meet this fashionable lady.

5) I Can Cook That
The title of this blog says it all and the greatest thing about it is that all the recipes are simple.  Cooking can be a challenge for some people, but cooking good food doesn't have to be difficult.  This blog is perfect for anyone that loves good food, but isn't the most seasoned person in the kitchen.  I constantly find myself bookmarking tons of recipes from this blog that I still have yet to try.

6) Heart & Habit (Formerly Baby Blackbird)
Now that I'm a mom I've sacrificed my personal style for my son's.  I love dressing myself, but sometimes I love dressing my son more.  After all, this is the closest I'll get to putting together men's styles.  I read this blog as if I'm reading adult street style, but instead it's all kids and I'm obsessed.  Anyone who knows me knows that I'm selective about what I dress Liam in and this site proves that I'm not crazy for being that way.  These kids have the BEST style I've ever seen and I hope that one day Liam can grace his presence on this blog.

When I was putting together Liam's nursery I was constantly pinning, searching and discovering new things to inspire the concept of his room.  Lay Baby Lay was the MOST inspirational site when it came to decorating for baby and even if you're not prepping a baby room, this site has some of the best suggestions that kids of all ages could appreciate.  Color schemes, art, furniture, if you're looking for it - this site will point you in the right direction.

8) Urban Explorer
I love reading about things to do in Chicago. Whether it's the great Chicago Food Truck meet-up or the annual Baconfest, I'm always interested in what's going on.  Urban Explorer is a great resource when it comes to all that.  Whether it's one time events or new restaurants to try in Chicago, this blog has it all.  Bookmark it if you live in the city or if you are ever planning a trip.

9)  Skinny Taste
A couple of my co-workers introduced me to this site and I'm constantly referencing it when I want new recipes to try.  I try to find healthy recipes when I can and Skinny Taste delivers great tasting recipes that are healthy and easy to make.  Each recipe is easy to follow and will keep you coming back to try more.  One of  my favorite things I've made from this site is a Zesty Lime Shrimp and Avocado Salad that is perfect for a summer's day.

10) Glitter and Pearls
I'm pretty selective about fashion blogs because let's be honest, there's A TON of them out there and it's hard to pin point just one that stands out of the crowd.  However, I love Glitter & Pearls because it's style in all aspects: home, clothing, design and much more.  Everything that Lexi posts I want and I'm always inspired by all of her posts.

11) Honestly WTF
I'm an aspiring DIYer.  Ask me if I love to DIY and I would tell you that I love the idea.  Do I do a ton if it?  No, but it doesn't mean that I don't love reading posts about DIYs and Honestly WTF is the home of fashion DIY.  This blog inspires me to do DIY projects and shows that each project doesn't have to be complex.   Someday, hopefully in the not so distant future, I'll re-create one of the fabulous projects posted on this blog, but for now I'll be a spectator.

This isn't a blog that I personally follow, but this is one that Matt reads religiously.  If you aspire to travel and don't have the funds to do it as often as you like, this blog shares great secrets and teaches tricks of the trade to make sure you plan the trip of your dreams.  This blog, in addition to a few others, is the reason why we'll be traveling a great deal in 2013 and even though I give Matt crap for following blogs like these, I must say that I love benefiting from what he's learning.

|What are some of your favorite blogs of 2012?|

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Thanks so much for including me on this wonderful list, Tabitha! I can't wait to check out the rest of the suggested blogs you mention!