Monday, January 21, 2013

ba·by (ba-be) | bobobib

Ahhh bibs.  Unfortunately for a teething child (or a messy adult), bibs are a mandatory accessory.  No matter how stylish a baby's outfit is, it automatically will be taken down a few notches because of a bib....or so I thought.  I never thought bibs could be stylish until I was introduced to Bobobib.  These stylish bandana like bibs compliment any mini fashinista (or fashionisto in Liam's case) perfectly, and absorbs drool/messes quite nicely.  Even when Liam isn't making a mess, I have him wear his Bobobib because I love the way it makes him look like a rockstar cowboy.

Liam bobobib

Bobobibs come in such fun different prints with a large variety of colors and are such great inspirations for outfits.  Because I love how stylish these bibs are, I've put together looks for a boy and girl inspired by two of my favorite Bobobibs. 

bobobib - lions & tigers | pants - gap | tee - gymboree | cardigan - h&m | shoes - old navy

bobobib -gingham sky | henley tee - mini boden | denim shirt - h&m | jeans - old navy | shoes - toms

If you're looking for a great gift or need to add some stylish bibs into your little one's wardrobe I highly recommend getting some Bobobibs.  The good news is that they're having a sale right now so you can stock up on all your favorite prints.


Rebecca said...

He's adorable in his bib!

Johanna said...

I love it...want one!

Anonymous said...

Oh I love those bibs! so cute...If I add #5 I will have to invest in these