Thursday, January 17, 2013

life (layhf) | erin condren life planner

Last year I used a day planner as a way to track my weight, food, etc while I was pregnant. Although technology makes it easy to keep track of things with all the fancy apps, there's something to be said about writing things down. I rely on a planner more now than ever since we use it to track Liam's daily schedule and also write upcoming events/plans - especially since my husband is constantly asking me, "Do we/you have plans this weekend?". Even after I've talked to him about it multiple times. :)

I look for a lot of things from a planner and it was tough to find one that I really liked. A couple of important features that I was looking for were daily and monthly calendars, enough room to write more than 2 words and a bookmark so I wouldn't have to flip through the pages finding the right day. After endless searches, and rave reviews, I came across the Erin Condren Life Planner. Before I had a chance to be impressed by this amazing planner, I unfortunately had a bit of sticker shock. $60 in my head was a little more than I wanted to pay for a glorified notebook, but as I dove into the details of this Life Planner and scoured through the great designs, I realized that this was it. So I sucked up my cheapness and paid the $60 plus change on this planner and let me tell you - it's the best money I've spent in 2013!


The design and details of this planner make me want to be an organized person. I love every single page in this planner and I especially love that it has been customized just for my family. Erin Condren has a ton of great designs to choose from with the option to customize the cover. As a bonus, there are some great labels and stickers that come inside customized with your name as well. As you're shopping around there are many optional features like customized pads of paper, address labels and much more. I couldn't be any happier with planner and it's a step towards the right direction to be organized in 2013!


|Do you rely on a planner to organize your life? What are your favorites?|


the team said...

thanks for the great post - we're thrilled you love your planner! enjoy!

Myah said...

I wish I had of known about this planner before I bought my $10.00 from B and N. It can be super hard to get a great planner. THis looks lovely. Hmmmm maybe next year.