Monday, April 29, 2013

ba·by (ba-be) | doc band

A short 6 months ago when Matt and I were pushing Liam around the neighborhood, we saw a little boy wearing a helmet. I remember trying not to stare and softly asking Matt, "Would it matter if Liam had to wear one of those?" Of course we both agreed it didn't, but as any normal person would fear, there was the weird sense of insecurity that people would stare and think, "What is wrong with that child?"  At the time I didn't realize how that moment prepared me for today.

Last Friday Liam too got a helmet, which I now know is actually called a Doc Band.  While the Doc Band looks so much more serious than it really is, it will help to round out the shape of his head since he has a bit of a flat spot.  After getting his helmet on, which doesn't phase him at all by the way, we took him to the park.  While of course some parents quickly glanced and smiled, a group of 3 little boys (around the age of 5) approached us and asked, "Why is he wearing that?"  Stumped because I didn't know how to explain it to a group of kids, Matt quickly jumped in and said, "It's so we can bounce him around."  The boys looked at Matt slightly puzzled, looked at Liam, then went along their merry old way.   

I knew that he would get stares, but I didn't think I would have to explain it.  Feeling a little bummed out because my little nugget has to go through this, I realized that this moment does not phase him at all.  This Doc Band is temporary and will only help him in the long run.  

 liam doc band

From the 1st day we found out that Liam would be needing this Doc Band, I've said to him every night, "You are perfect!"  The stares, the comments and the whispers don't mean a thing because with or without his "helmet" - he is a perfect little boy!


Amanda said...

He is seriously adorable!!!! One of the little girls in my daycare has a Doc Ban and her mom took it to get painted and it has a Barbie scene on it!!!

V said...

What a cutie! Lots of my friends have used the doc band on their babies. Some of them get decorated with stickers, names, etc. I absolutely agree with you - he's perfect! I also think this doc band is becoming more common so lots of ppl will know more about it. Just like you said, it doesn't phase him at all :) His little lippies remind me of my little one!

1smileygirl said...

He is such a cute little boy!