Wednesday, May 22, 2013

ba·by (ba-be) | little pim

Picture this.  It's 7:30am, your hair is wet, you have mascara on one set of eye lashes, you're halfway dressed, your dogs are following around because they're starving and your child is completely restless - demanding a ton of your attention.  

This is what it's like for us 2 out of 5 weekday mornings.  Good thing I never said I would swear my child off of television before the age 2 because I would never be able to put myself together in the morning.  

However, what I do control is the quality of programming he's watching.  We're raising Liam to be bi-lingual (English and French), and to help we bought this great language set called Little Pim.  The set includes 3 DVDs, a CD of French songs, flash cards and a Pim plush toy.  When I'm having one of those mornings, I turn on a Little Pim French DVD and voila like magic Liam is completely entertained.  

Aside from this, Liam isn't exposed to any other cartoons.  Majority of the time it's news and the occasional DVR'd Bravo TV show I'm catching up on, but otherwise that's it for TV.  These Little Pim tools, combined with conversational French, have already proved to be helpful.  Liam associates words/phrases like "L'eau" (water) with his sippy cup of water, "Mange" (eat) when he's eating a meal, and "Tu As Finis?" (are you finished) when he's over his bath.  Not only are the DVDs, CDs and flashcards helpful to him, but it's helping Matt learn key words and helping me brush up on some words I haven't used in awhile.  



If you are (or plan to) raise your baby bi-lingual I highly suggest picking up a Little Pim set.  They come in more languages than I knew existed and you'll feel at least a little less guilty about what your baby is watching since it's educational.

|Are you raising a bi-lingual baby? How are you teaching he/she the other language?|

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Romney said...

I am using spanish in my home. I dont know about bilingualism since I am not a fluent speaker, but I do know the importance of exposing them to a second language! I was lucky enough to be exposed to spanish as a child and it makes it easy to learn new words and I get great compliments on my accent! I expose my kids by using words and phrases I know, watching videos in spanish and listening to spanish music in the car and at home. We also take advantage of the local libraries spanish storytime, and their spanish books (since I can read the language).