Wednesday, June 5, 2013

ba·by (ba-be) | facebook etiquette

Ok, so I realize this is a sensitive subject because everyone has their own opinion and I'm trying to avoid truly offending anyone.  So I will start by saying this - what you do on Facebook is your choice, but it is also your "friends" choice to block your feed if you over share.

Before I was a parent, I was one of those people that said I wouldn't do this or that when it comes to posting things about my son, but alas I've become a hypocrite and find myself doing things I said I wouldn't do.  Thus is life, right?  However, I always try to be aware of those who are reading my feed and limit how much baby stuff I share because at the end of the day I don't want people blocking me.  I'm sure plenty of my friends have already done so, but I'm glad that it's all anonymous because I my heart would sink if I knew...then I would just feel really bad for over sharing.

Mashable shared this article about sharing things on Facebook that directly relates to babies.  On Twitter people expect you to over's like Twitter was created specifically for all the thoughts you have in your head but never say out loud.  With Instagram, people expect to see what you eat, what you're wearing, pictures of your child and so much more - but with Facebook there's truly a different set of rules and they're making me a little self-conscious about what I share.  So while I know there are a ton of "rules" that have been shared, rules are meant to be broken and as Bobby Brown says, it's your prerogative to do what you want to do (on your social sites in this case), but just know that what you share could have people purposely shutting you off....literally.





|What are your rules on sharing on Facebook?  Are you self-conscious about the things you post?|


Rebekah said...

I hear you. I too vowed not to turn into one of "those moms" who only post about their kids on facebook, but I probably still do it enough for some people to be annoyed. I always feel self-conscious about it, too.

Mel said...

I post my kid A LOT. And my dog. I'm sure some people don't care. And I don't care if they don't care. Because I can't stand reading their cryptic message either. It's all give or take. I've got family and my best of the best friends on Facebook that I don't see often and it's the quickest, easiest way to share things that they want to see. Those other 225 friends I may have gone to school with years ago, I could care less what they think anyway. But like you said, to each their own. :)

Molly Page said...

I don't mind seeing parents post stuff on facebook about their kids. (well, unless its about poop - poop posts are unwelcome in my feed) What does bug me is when my sisters continually tag me in pictures of their kids! ANNOYING!

Christy C said...

Hi Tabitha. This is such an interesting post, because I agree, the people you are friends on facebook with are a little more intimate than those on instagram or twitter- who probably mostly are strangers. Losing a couple people here and there does not seem much, but i'm more sensitive towards potentially annoying friends that I'll probably see again. I find myself saying... okay, you already put up a pic of your baby this week.. at least space it out for a few more days! I think it's very admirable to be sensitive towards your friends like that!


PS- thanks so much for visiting my blog from Sandy's page! I'm glad I'm able to meet a new friend too :) New follower!

Christy C said...

PS. Your son is SOOO CUTE!!!!!


Cassadie said...

Love this post! I have two Facebook complaints: Posting about how you have "the best kids/friends/husband ever!" thus implying that you are better than the rest of us. Secondly, I hate the "life is good" posts. If life is so good, get off your damn computer and enjoy it!

Yellowlovesgrey said...

Yikes! I am guilty of a few of these. I went ahead and read the mashable article too and it left me feeling self conscious. Luckily, I know better than to post a vague, 'Now that's embarrassing' status update.

Thanks for this funny and helpful post.