Sunday, June 2, 2013

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As a parent there are a few things you look for in a restaurant you plan on taking your child to:
  1. Space.  Whether your child still needs to be in a stroller or has upgraded to a high chair you need space between each table.  No one likes a place where you have to suck it all in to get by.
  2. Loud chatter. Even if your baby is as silent as can be you want a loud environment either to put your baby to sleep OR to let your baby's crying fall in line with the rest of the background noise.
  3. Good food.  This is clearly for you.  Just because you need a kid friendly place, it doesn't mean you should sacrifice the quality of food.  While the other 2 are important, this is the make it or break piece (at least it is for me).
So if you ask me what place has all three of these things?  Kingsbury Street Cafe.

photo 2

Now yes, it is nestled neatly next to a strip club, but everything else makes up for it.  This has become my #1 place to meet friends for brunch when I know I'm taking Liam.  Not only can you make a reservation in advance (yes, even for small groups), but they provide all of the three things I outlined above.  In addition, a "plus" for me is that whenever I make a reservation and note that I need a high chair, they have a place setting for him with a plastic to go cup of water and kid utensils.  I haven't even mentioned the food.

photo 3

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While Kingsbury Street Cafe offers these great things that make it easy for kids, the best part is their food. The first thing you recognize when you walk in the door are these picture perfect baked goods and pastries.  They welcome you and automatically know that the place is going to be good.  Drinks are top notch with a great variety of alcoholic drinks and coffee, but the food is truly icing on the cake.  Deviled eggs with crispy chorizo, salmon hash with mashed tater tots, an amazing chillaquille special, fluffy pancakes...the list goes on and yes, we have tried all these things.

photo 1

photo 5

I can't say enough great things about this place.  Not once have I had a bad experience and I've been there a hand full of times - you can even check my OpenTable history - which is why I will continue to go back to Kingsbury Street Cafe.

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pilar said...

I've been by this place so many times, but never been in -- now I'll have to try it.